BMW M2 G87 2023.

BMW M2 G87 2023.

BMW M2 G87 2023.

The new BMW M2 G87: rear end design revealed.

A spy photo has appeared on the web without camouflage, the back of the upcoming «charged» BMW M2 coupe of the new generation.

Most likely, we already have a serial version of the ready-made car in front of us. The official premiere should take place before the end of the year.

The new M2 is based on the current version of the second series coupe with G42 body.

On the published photo we can see that sport coupe differs from standard «two» by enlarged wheel arches, new bumper, changed rear lamps graphics, four-barrel exhaust system, which is barely noticeable due to poor photo quality, and branded wheels.

Of course, the photo may not be authentic, but that’s unlikely.

The new BMW M2 is expected to get rear-wheel drive, an S58 3.0 V6 engine from the older M3/M4 models (only de-energized to about 450 hp) and an eight-speed automatic.

For enthusiasts, a six-speed manual will be available.

BMW M2 G87 2023.

The main new interior, expect a large display of the media system and dashboard, as in the restyling of the BMW 3-Series, and in principle, many new models of the brand.

All details will be revealed this year, so wait a little longer.

German company is preparing the most powerful version of its new 2-Series Coupe and there have already appeared photos of some exterior elements of the future novelty. With their help we have an opportunity to imagine how the car will look.

Coupe 2 Series appeared in the range of the Bavarian brand in 2014, becoming the heir of the two-door version 1 Series in the body of E82, which was on the conveyor from 2007 to 2013.

BMW M2 G87 2023.

At the beginning of last month, there was the premiere of the second generation of the sports «two,» which, unlike the new 1 Series, has retained the classic rear-wheel-drive layout.

And now road tests of the top version M2 go on, and veiled samples often get in the objective of spies.

Plus, we have at our disposal pictures of the front bumper and grille (which most likely belong to the new M2), thanks to which you can accurately reproduce the front end of the novelty.

According to a fresh Bavarian tradition, started with the new M3 and M4, the most powerful modification of the second series will be significantly different from the basic coupe: the novelty will have completely different «nostrils» angular shape with horizontal bars and original bumper with rectangular cutouts for air intakes.

BMW M2 G87 2023.

By the way, the bumper in the spy photos has a large cutout for the headlights, not coinciding with the intricate shape of the front optics of the usual «two», but we can assume that the remaining space will be occupied by decorative plugs or additional air vents.

The sides and the rear are still covered with camouflage film, but here the nature of the changes will be similar to the other Emkas.

First of all, the new M2 is distinguished by noticeably widened wheel arches at the front and rear.

There will be branded side mirrors, and in the front wings — decorative elements with the logo of the model.

At the rear, the coupe will get an original bumper with a diffuser at the bottom, at the edges of which will be located four twin tailpipes of the exhaust system.

BMW M2 G87 2023.

A narrow spoiler will be installed on the edge of the trunk lid, and new sills with contrasting decorative inserts can also be expected.

According to available information, the new M2 will receive an inline six-cylinder turbo engine S58, developing 490 hp and 550 Nm of torque.

The coupe will be exclusively rear-wheel drive and a manual transmission will be available.

According to spy photos, the car will be equipped with a pair of large multimedia screens with the iDrive 8 system.

Premiere of the new BMW M2 is expected next year, and the car can go on sale only in 2023.

Today in Russia M2 of the previous generation is not presented officially, but the prices for a new coupe body G42 are known.

The base model 220d is equipped with a 2-liter diesel motor developing 190 hp and 400 Nm — from 3 370 000 rubles.

There is also 387 hp M240i petrol modification with all-wheel drive xDrive, its minimum price makes 4,590,000 rubles.

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