BMW M3 Touring M xDrive 2023.

BMW M3 Touring M xDrive 2023.

BMW M3 Touring M xDrive 2023.

There is a new addition to the BMW M3 family: the Germans have presented a «charged» station wagon.

In June twenty-second BMW officially introduced the «charged» M3 Touring wagon, which was first announced back in August 2020.

The model has a five-door body, but its design repeats that of the regular sedan.

In particular, the front end with huge «nostrils» of the grille in both cars is identical.

Curiously, the wagon has a black roof by default, but its coloring in the body color is an option.

The novelty’s aerodynamic drag coefficient is 0.36. Sedan in this regard is slightly better (0.34), which is quite expected.

The five-door has a new interior, like the recently presented restyled Three.

It means that there are two screens without visors on the front panel under the single glass.

Specifically the display of virtual dashboard here has 12,3 inches diagonal, and the touchscreen of multimedia system — already 14,9″.

BMW M3 Touring M xDrive 2023.

The developers report that the BMW M3 Touring M xDrive 2023 weighs 1,865 kg curb weight, which is 85 kg heavier than the similar sedan M3 M xDrive.

The model’s trunk is electrically operated and its claimed volume is 500 liters.

The rear window can be opened separately to make loading easier.

The backrests of the rear sofa are folded in the proportion 40:20:40, allowing you to increase the capacity of the hold up to 1,510 liters.

By the way, the same figures have the usual wagons of the third series.

BMW M3 Touring M xDrive 2023.

The car is propelled by a 3.0-liter biturbo engine with a capacity of 510 hp and 650 Nm, working in tandem with an eight-speed automatic.

The same set of units has a «charged» sedan.

Thus, «shed» is offered by default branded all-wheel drive transmission M xDrive which switches on the front axle with a multi-disk clutch only when necessary, so in the majority of driving situations the car remains rear-wheel drive.

Note that Germans have installed active M differential with electronic control on the rear axle of the car.

Plus the novelty can boast of drift mode, which activation disables both the front-wheel drive and stabilization system.

BMW M3 Touring M xDrive 2023.

Besides, the model has the electronic system M Drift Analyzer, which just the same helps to master driving in a skid.

It is well familiar from «charged» sedans, coupes and cabriolets.

Certainly, because of the features of a body and the increased weight the M station wagon is a little bit slower than the similar sedan.

It accelerates from zero to a hundred in 3.6 seconds (+ 0.1), and from 0-200 km/h — in 12.9 seconds.

Maximum speed is electronically limited at 250 km/h, but the cut-off point can be moved up to 280 km/h by ordering the «M Driver’s Package».

The sedan maximum speed with this package is 290 km/h. Germans point out that even though in terms of technology «shed» does not differ from the sedan, but the engineers of the brand spent a lot of time on its driving fine-tuning.

BMW M3 Touring M xDrive 2023.

Moreover, during the tests at the Nürburgring, the M3 Touring pre-production copy even set the best track time among multipurpose cars, making the lap in 7 minutes 35.06 seconds and beating the previous record holder (Mercedes-AMG E 63 S) by 10.0 seconds.

Note that in base the five-door has a suspension with adaptive shock absorbers, its ground clearance is standard for M-models 122 mm.

Carbon ceramic brakes are available for extra charge. First of all the new BMW M3 Touring is designed for the European market where it has to compete with Audi RS4 Avant, and after a while with a five-door Mercedes-AMG C 63 new generation.

Series production of cars will be launched by the Germans in November of the 22nd. It is expected that the car will cost over 100,000 euros (5.7 million rubles at the current exchange rate).

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