BMW M4 CSL 2022.

BMW M4 CSL 2022.

BMW M4 CSL 2022.

In today’s world, it can seem that the joy of buying an expensive car from a well-known brand will be overshadowed by a new model coming out just a few months later.

For example, just last year the fresh BMW M4 debuted, and in May 2021 its updated version xDrive, which provides faster acceleration, went on sale.

And now new models are on the way. Rumor has it that the CS and CSL are on the way, and fresh «spy» photos appear to have captured the latter.

The M4 CSL under development shows off an extremely controversial front grille contour, but with new interior design details that look like several Y-shaped elements joined together.

BMW M4 CSL 2022.

The overall style of the model is just as unusual as before. Perhaps it will be further exacerbated by the new added details that will appear on the reinforced version.

Despite the black and white camouflage masking the front body design, it’s pretty clear that the prototype has a noticeable splitter as part of the revised aerodynamic package, which also includes a spoiler.

Judging by the positioning of the turn indicators, the headlights here are also new, which confirms recent rumors about future M3 and M4 models that will get special M optics.

BMW M4 CSL 2022.

This could extend to the rear of the car as well, given the great effort BMW went to to hide the prototype’s stern lights.

While some expected to see the CS first, it’s widely believed that the CSL lineup will arrive as early as 2022.

We can expect a significant weight reduction due to the generous use of carbon fiber for the rear-wheel drive version.

BMW M4 CSL 2022.

Power should increase by 30 hp over the M4 Competition. Exact figures have yet to be confirmed, but we’re guessing the final figure will be in the neighborhood of 540 hp.

It’s too early to tell how much money BMW will ask for the CSL, but get ready to pay significantly more compared to the M4 Competition Coupe, available in the United States starting at $74,700.

Certainly, if you tick a few boxes on the options list, the car will already cost six figures.

BMW M4 CSL 2022.

That would make it comparable in price to the base Porsche 911 Carrera.

The M4 isn’t the only BMW M model coming out anytime soon.

We’ve also seen some pretty interesting «spy» shots of the M8 M with a powerful aerodynamic bodykit and red inserts.

The car should be unveiled later this year, presumably as a special M model with a plug-in hybrid V8 unit with more than 700 hp.

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