BMW M4 (G82) 2022.

BMW M4 (G82) 2022.

BMW M4 (G82) 2022.

BMW M4 (G82) 2022. BMW M4 in the back of G82: photos, prices and equipment of the new sports car.

The new generation of the 2021 BMW M4 in the back of the G80 made its debut along with the M3 sedan, the coupe received a completely new body design with a huge radiator grille and technical stuffing led by the S58 sports engine.

Prices for the Russian market have already been announced, and the start of sales is scheduled for mid-2021.


One of the reasons is the release of the new BMW 4 2021, which has already made a lot of noise earlier, marking a return to a highly controversial aesthetically pleasing decision to radically change the appearance of the front end.

Yes, yes, we are talking about the famous «nostrils» that should migrate from 4-series cars to the new BMW M4 2021, which has already been noticed in Europe without camouflage.


A photo of the 2021 BMW M4 clearly shows the differences between the M-ki and the “civilian” version of the four.

BMW M4 (G82) 2022.

Larger side air intakes in the front bumper, «nostrils» without chrome edging (which become even larger from this) and the hood, on which you can see a stylish stamping, repeating the contours of the radiator grille.

There are also new side mirror housings and alloy wheels, which the manufacturer promises to make in 17 and 18 inches.

At the rear of the «charged» BMW 4-series there will be other characteristic elements of the M-body kit: trapezoidal tailpipes, a wide false diffuser and a small spoiler on the trunk.

It is also known that the Bavarians did a great job of reducing the aerodynamic drag coefficient, further increasing the rigidity of the body under the hood, equipping the bottom in the front of the car with special amplifiers.

BMW M4 (G82) 2022.


There is still little information about the interior of the new BMW M Series 4, as experts have only one photo of the interior, where black covers do not cover only the steering wheel and central ventilation vents.

In general, the architecture of the front panel will remain the same as on conventional modifications of the fours, and the interior itself will be decorated with classic M-elements in the form of various decorative overlays and contrasting finishes.

Technical stuffing

The power plant performance of the new 2021 BMW M4 and M3 is perhaps the most talked about issue, but so far the Bavarians are keeping the intrigue, reporting only that the M4 can get the 3.0-liter biturbo engine, which is installed on the X3 M and X4 M crossovers.

As you know, this unit has two options for boosting: 480 liters. from. in the basic version and 510 liters. from. in the Competition modification.

BMW M4 (G82) 2022.

With regard to transmissions, important news is the almost final retirement of 6-speed manual «boxes», which will be offered only to the American market, where they are in high demand.

Europe and Russia will have to be content with modifications with an eight-speed «automatic». In this case, the versions on the «mechanics» will be exclusively rear-wheel drive, while the «automatic» will be equipped with modifications with two driving axles.

BMW M4 (G82) 2022.

When will the BMW M4 be released in Russia?

The high-performance BMW M4 sedan of 2021 will make its debut in the fall, when the “civilian” versions of the BMW 4 will go on sale in Russia.

Prices and configuration

In Russia, the new BMW M4 and M3 will start on sale immediately in the Competition version, the basic equipment is not provided for, prices start at 6,900,000 rubles, for the M Special package you will have to pay 7,500,000 rubles, and the M Track version is estimated at as much as 7,900,000 rubles.

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