BMW M5 2024.

BMW M5 2024.

BMW M5 2024.

The sporty BMW M5 2024 will be available with a 644-horsepower engine: the updated sedan has been fully revealed in the photo.

A rendering revealing the design of the new BMW M5 2024 has appeared in the Western media.

A few days ago the BMW M5 2024 was spotted on the road test, and today it was shown on a photo without camouflage.

Of course, the published image is unofficial, but it is still noteworthy.

Moreover, spy photos of the model were used to work on the renders. There will be few modifications in sedan’s appearance.

But technically there will be some interesting innovations.

Premiere of the car is expected next year, but sales are likely to start in 2024.

The recently unveiled BMW models have received several complaints about the design, where the «nostrils» of the radiator grille have invariably increased in size.

BMW M5 2024.

As for the BMW 5-Series, its dimensions are more compact.

In general, the appearance of the BMW M5 has a lot in common with the current version. This is also confirmed by published spy photos.

BMW M5 2024.

On the left wing in front, however, appeared a charging port, indicating hybrid technology. The door handles are presented in a different style.

Inside the sedan will be a bit more upgrades. The first thing on which the accent is made is the appearance of a modern BMW iDrive 8 infotainment complex.

BMW M5 2024.

By the way, this module is used for many updated cars of the brand.

Previously spy photos showed interior of the BMW M5, where it was possible to see a curved touchscreen, which will act as a dashboard multimedia. The trim will also undergo changes.

BMW M5 2024.

More interest, of course, causes technical «stuffing» sedan. It is reported that the car will receive plug-in hybrid technology, where the base engine will be V8.

Its volume corresponds to 4,4 liters, and the final power is declared at the level of 644 horsepower. The torque is equal to 800 N*m.

It is known that later the BMW M5 Touring wagon will be presented, which is already in development.


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