BMW M8 G5M Hurricane RR.

BMW M8 G5M Hurricane RR.

BMW M8 G5M Hurricane RR.

BMW M8 G5M Hurricane RR. 900-horsepower version of the BMW M8 from the specialists of the company G-Power.

The German studio G-Power has prepared two new revision programs for the BMW M8 at once, which are called «G8M Hurricane RS» and «G8M Hurricane RR».

In both cases, the tuned car is easily recognizable by its bright orange metallic bodywork.

The car also features a range of carbon fiber components, including a new ventilated hood from Ventury and a neat rear wing.

BMW M8 G5M Hurricane RR.

For the new BMW M8 Coupe, the atelier offers two types of 21-inch forged wheels and several high-performance tires in 285/30 and 295/30 front and rear, respectively.

Additionally, the tuners are ready to understate the car’s suspension by installing new adjustable coilovers.

The interior of the G8M Hurricane is hand-stitched using leather and Alcantara, plus it is decorated with carbon inserts, and a nameplate can be seen on the center console.

BMW M8 G5M Hurricane RR.

From the factory, the BMW M8 Competition boasts a twin-turbo 4.4-liter V8 that produces 625 hp. (750 Nm).

G-Power specialists managed to significantly improve these parameters.

So, the G8M Hurricane RS version produces 840 forces (1,050 Nm), and on the G8M Hurricane RR modification, the engine recoil is brought to 900 «mares» at the same torque.

Both tuning kits include the use of modified turbines, increased intake and more efficient exhaust. In addition, it was not without the use of special software settings.

BMW M8 G5M Hurricane RR.

At the same time, the RR version differs from the less powerful RS by an additionally modified engine with forged pistons, modified connecting rods, improved cooling and a reinforced transmission.

Both tuning kits also include a stainless steel Deeptone exhaust system.

It has sport downpipes and four 110mm carbon tailpipes.

BMW M8 with any of these packages can reach speeds of up to 340 km / h, but the electronic «collar» will not allow further.

The tuners decided to artificially limit the speed in order to prevent damage to the tires.

BMW M8 G5M Hurricane RR.

The data on the acceleration time from zero to hundreds in the workshop is not advertised, but the cars modified in this way are definitely faster than the stock version, which is able to take the bar from 0-100 km / h in 3.2 seconds.

It is reported that the whales developed by G-Power specialists are suitable for both a two- and four-seater coupe and a convertible.

Their cost is not advertised, but a similar revision program «G5M Hurricane RR» for the M5 is estimated at 115,000 euros (9.9 million rubles at the current exchange rate), and this is the price tag excluding the donor car.

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