BMW Vision iNext.

BMW Vision iNext.

BMW Vision iNext.

Intelligent-controlled BMW Vision iNext electro-crossover — full overview and key features.
The iNext electric car has become the real flagship of the new electric line of BMW cars. It is intended to demonstrate the ideas of the German automaker about what should be the car of the future.

For the implementation of the BMW iNext project, a crossover style was specially chosen to show a significant difference from previous i-developments. This model embodies many technical innovations that can be seen in future-generation BMW cars.

The acquaintance with the BMW Vision iNext was organized in a rather eccentric style — on board the Lufthansa Boeing 777F. A Boeing with a car flew out of Munich, and through New York followed to Frankfurt, having previously presented the news in San Francisco and Beijing. The tour lasted 5 days, from September 9 to September 14, 2018, and the electric crossover itself was always on the plane, and its presentation was presented on the flight platform.

BMW Vision iNext.

The design of the appearance of the electric crossover was carried out by a BMW employee who was previously responsible for the exterior of the sixth and seventh series cars.

Smooth lines of thin headlights, a massive bumper, a radiator grille with blue lights and powerful wheels with a diameter of 24 inches are a completely new round in the history of futuristic design.

Two parts with blue backlighting are highlighted behind the car — this is the main trend of BMW electric vehicles.

In this model of the electric crossover, instead of the usual roof, there is a completely glass coating.

BMW Vision iNext.

Main characteristics

At the moment, it is already known that the BMW iNext will be larger in size than the iX3, which is scheduled for release in 2020.

Important: the electric crossover will work in two driving modes: Boost (the owner controls the car himself) and Ease (BMW iNext works autonomously).

Since BMW iNext is an unmanned electric vehicle, touch monitors and interactive panels help to drive such a car.

Important: passengers in the back seat can control music playback simply by touching the upholstery: the fabric is interactive and responds to touch with luminous graphics.

According to unofficial information, the power reserve of the electric crossover depends on the modification, and in unmanned mode it will be able to overcome from 450 to 700 km in transit. The power of the electric crossover will be 800 horsepower.
iNext is painted in a color that, depending on the lighting, changes its hue from warm copper to dark pink.

Advantages and disadvantages of the electric crossover

BMW Vision iNext.


Preservation of the environment (complete absence of harmful emissions).
Profitability (lack of expenses for gasoline).
Noise reduction.
Prestige of a car owner.


Lack of battery charging station networks. This is the main reason preventing the purchase of this kind of car.
Unlimited mileage without recharging.
The pricing policy of this type of transport is still inaccessible to all sectors of social society. However, it is worth considering the fact that with the mass production of electric crossovers, their pricing policy may gradually decline.
Technical parameters in electric vehicles may decrease if the car is used in conditions of elevated subzero temperatures, as well as its congestion.

BMW Vision iNext.

Battery pack

BMW noted that the battery packs for the modern electro-crossover will be developed at the BMW factory itself. Prior to this, the partner of the German company in this area was Samsung.

The price of the BMW iNext electrocrossover

There is no specific information on the price of the electric crossover so far. But, based on the fact that iNext is positioning itself as a competitor to Tesla Model 3, it can be assumed that its pricing policy will fluctuate around $ 35,000.

BMW Vision iNext.

BMW iNext electric car for sale

German experts announced that iNext will appear on the automotive market in 2021. Cars will be produced at a factory in the town of Dingolfing. As promised, the electric crossover will become the company’s new flagship in terms of technology.
Thanks to the new tactics, BMW plans to introduce 25 serial electric crossovers in the automotive market by 2025.


BMW manufacturer is confident that iNext will become the electric crossover of the future, which will create an idea of ​​the maneuverability and needs of electric vehicles in the next generations.

A BMW AG employee expressed his point of view on the creation of the flagship model of the BMW iNext car: “The entire iNext crossover project is to offer the customer a high-tech car with the possibility of unmanned control.”

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