BMW X2 2022.

BMW X2 2022.

BMW X2 2022.

BMW X2 2022: a compact crossover with a sporty design.

Many automobile brands are diluting their range with affordable models in the popular crossover configuration.

Bavarian companies have responded to the increase in demand by promptly modernizing the compact crossover BMW X2 2022, which is in demand in the budget class.

Brand experts have refused from direct copying of the predecessor series X1, the new model is designed stylishly and presentable, at the same time easily identifiable by the characteristic details of the recognizable brand design.

The inexpensive, practical and versatile car has received a significant advance in consumer confidence, as the number of applications is increasing every month.


Numerous promotional photos show the new version of the cross-coupe:

The panoramic configuration of the windshield and the dynamic reliefs of the engine compartment lid;
decorative chrome-plated perimeters and vertical lamellae of radiator liner «nostrils», typical for the branded assortment;
polyfunctional blocks of xenon or, in the top modification, LED optics supplemented by «angel eyes».

On the middle tier of the front there is a set of classic round headlamps and a platform for placing a plate license plate, on the bottom — the impressive grid of a large-sized air intake and a pair of triangular air diffusers.

BMW X2 2022.

Despite its compact dimensions, the new body of the 2022 Signature Two looks much more expensive than its real value.

From a lateral perspective, the coupe-crossover five-door’s modern styling is closer to indicators of practicality and functionality. In sight:

The domed roof falling down to the rear plane of the body;
black matte window frames and wedge-shaped rearview mirrors;
deep and high wheel arches with an exclusive pattern of two-color 17-inch wheels.

The presence of a certain off-road potential is directly indicated by the height of the ground clearance, the compactness of the front and rear overhangs, and the presence of light unpainted plastic guards on the lower body contour.

The novelty to the family of cars in the crossover configuration reminds the traditional tandem massive spoiler visor and characteristic slope of the rear window, wide cross reliefs complemented by sections of the lights with a set of information labels folding doors of the trunk.

The standard embossed trim includes two red reflectors and chrome tips for the two exhausts.

BMW X2 2022.


No significant changes are expected in the configuration and layout of the five-seater interior.

Restyling is indicated by new color schemes in the range of finishing materials, as well as some technical and electronic innovations.

The interior is made in a catchy corporate style, without any special claims to originality, at the same time practical and presentable. The front panel demonstrates:

flawless readability and informative analogue-digital dashboard arrow indicators;
8-inch diagonal of the remote tablet of the onboard multimedia equipment;
horizontal air deflector unit and two consoles with mechanical activators of the main and auxiliary options.

As part of the central tunnel — shift levers of the manual transmission and parking handbrake, keypad and multimedia puck.

BMW X2 2022.

The hinged armrest simultaneously serves as a lid of the container for small items.

In terms of quantity and functionality, the BMW X2 2022 is identical to many counterparts in the higher price segment.

There are nominal outputs of the multimedia complex, cruise control and dual-zone climate control, as well as electronic safe driving assistants — Driving Assistant and Traffic Jam Assistant.

The new body is designed for five comfortable and well-appointed seats.

The standard service of the cross-sectionally supported pilot seats includes a set of adjustment mechanisms, heating and ventilation.

Rear sofa can accommodate three moderate-sized passengers, low-profile roof can create boarding and travel discomfort for taller, from 190 cm, passengers.

The standard luggage compartment volume can be increased to an impressive 1,355 liters due to the simple stowage of the sofa backrest.


In its model lineup the updated five-door has the status of the most compact car.

Its body dimensions are corrected in a harmonious proportions L to V: 4360 x 1820 and 1526 mm.

Interaxle base length of 2670 mm remains the same. The new generation crossover demonstrates:

the benefits of the UKL modular all-wheel-drive «bogie» as well as the combined, Macpherson strut and multilever, suspension;
the effectiveness of full disc brakes and safety systems;
dynamic acceleration and speed parameters of the complete engine range.

BMW X2 2022.

At the initial stage, the cross-coupe will be equipped with a 2 liter/192 hp/280 N-m petrol engine and diesel counterparts with 190 hp/400 N-m and 231 hp/450 N-m.

The in-line petrol four works in tandem with a robotized 7-speed gearbox, while the diesel models come with an 8-speed automatic.

Test-drive is about to be completed, its results will be known after a comprehensive analysis of the information.

Features and prices

In Russia, the new BMW X22 model year 2022 is declared four modifications, depending on the parameters of the attached equipment; the price tentatively starts from the amount of 2.2-2.5 million rubles.

According to experts, the cost of the model assembled in Kaliningrad will be slightly lower.

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