BMW X3 2021.

BMW X3 2021.

BMW X3 2021.

BMW X3 2021: a premium crossover with luxury performance.
The new version of the mid-format premium crossover — the BMW X3 2021 — combines in its potential dynamic starting and stable driving characteristics, as well as high levels of interior comfort and road safety.

The new model of the rear- or all-wheel drive crossover, decorated in the corporate style of the Sport Activity Vehicle, is addressed to motorists of different age segments.

The novelty will delight the owners with a large number of the latest technological and design developments.

Evolutionary restyling has a positive impact on environmental standards and consumption data of engine components.


All the features of the traditional corporate identity are carefully preserved in the appearance of the modernized X3 Troika of the 2021 model.

From different angles, the new body demonstrates the reference aerodynamics, competent layout and structural details of the external linkage characteristic of SUVs.

BMW X3 2021.

In the photo full face, the premium crossover attracts attention:

• aerodynamic longitudinal reliefs and raised bonnet sides;

• massive chrome lamellas and contours of the branded double «nostrils» of the radiator grille;

• drop-shaped configuration of powerful headlights equipped with running lights with LED fittings.

The lower segment of the front end looks stylish and somewhat aggressive. In the presence of a ribbed-stepped profile of the bumper, a coarse mesh framed by a relief contour of the ventilation air intake and square side diffusers with built-in LED dotted fog optics.

The minimum of decorative chrome plating on the front compensates for the large number of details of aggressive aerodynamic reliefs. In sight:

• extended front end;

• a gentle slope of the domed roof complemented by a compact spoiler;

• silvery contours and side window sills ascending to the wide roof pillars;

• longitudinal expressive profiles of the sidewalls.

BMW X3 2021.

The design features of the body layout include decorative protective sill plates, exhaust diffusers located on the rear of the front fenders and square wheel arches equipped with plastic liners.

The premium crossover’s positive visual experience in the profile projection also shapes the original petal pattern of the 18-inch, off-road aluminum-composite wheels.

The design of the stern is dominated by the details of the classic crossover configuration typical of the model range. In the rear view, the 2021 BMW X3 demonstrates:

• rounded edge of the spoiler lip;

• semi-oval contours of an inclined window;

• Embossed tailgate and interesting branded graphics of the stern lights.

BMW X3 2021.

In the design of the rear bumper, a silvery protective and decorative panel of a massive body kit and exhaust pipes decorated with chrome look advantageous.

The aft décor is represented by the chrome plating of the brand logo and nameplates, as well as expressive elements of the branded body reliefs.


The high status of the novelty corresponds to the quality of interior finishing and decorative materials, including genuine leather, environmentally perfect plastic and accents made of polished aluminum composite.

The three-spoke design of the multifunction steering wheel provides a convenient overview of the basic analog-digital or virtual instrument cluster.

As part of the four-story center console:

• twelve-inch diagonal of the media-command tablet;

• horizontal block of ventilation and heating ducts decorated with lattice lining;

• setting panels for multichannel audio system and on-board climate control system.

The tunnel configuration includes a technical sector with a compact automatic transmission mode switch and comfort-forming organizers. The comfortable armrest combines the function of a cover built into the refrigerator compartment.

• The new release of the X-series «troika» provides the driver and four passengers with large amounts of personal space and boarding and road comfort corresponding to the premium level of the car.

• Service for front sports seats includes details of full-fledged lumbar-lateral support, a supplemented list of adjustments, heating and ventilation systems.

• Consisting of three separate sections, the sofa offers an adjustable backrest tilt and a padded armrest.

Partial dismantling of the rear seats increases the capacity of the luggage compartment from 550 to 1600 liters.

BMW X3 2021.


The belonging of the BMW X3 2021 to the mid-size car segment is confirmed by the parameters of the external body dimensions (4716 x 1897 and 1676 mm), the center base extended to 2820 and 204 millimeters of ground clearance.

• Among the advantages of the novelty of the branded model range are the modular-universal «bogie» CLAR, independent multi-link suspension, efficient operation of stabilizers, disc brakes, electronic assistants, components of active, road and operational safety systems.

• In the new version, the crossover offers a gasoline and diesel engine range, with a volume of 2 to 3 liters, with an output of 190 hp / 400 Nm, 265 hp / 620 Nm and 360 hp / 500 Nm, as well as 8 ranges of transmission automatic.

The test drive confirmed the nominal time interval for each tandem reaching the first hundred, the economy of the consumption and operating characteristics of each modification of the new crossover.

Options and prices

In Russia, the new BMW X3 2021 model year is promised in basic and top-end modifications.

The initial price of the basic version of the crossover is announced within 3 million Russian rubles.

Sales start in Russia

The exact release date for the new cross-SUV in Russia will be published in the second half of 2021.


The Porsche Cayenne, Audi Q5, Acura MDX, Honda Pilot, Volkswagen Touareg and Lexus NX 300 models claim the status of competitors.

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