BMW X5 Le Mans Concept.

BMW X5 Le Mans Concept.

BMW X5 Le Mans Concept.

BMW X5 Le Mans Concept: 700-horsepower V12 crossover from McLaren F1.

BMW showed a unique example of the X5 crossover, which received the same engine as the McLaren F1 supercar, which at one time won the 24-hour marathon at Le Mans in 1995.

It is reported that the BMW X5 Le Mans Concept was built back in 2000, but even after 20 years, this car is capable of surprising.

Outside, the unusual off-road vehicle can be recognized by the golden wheels of the BBS and another exhaust system, the double-barreled nozzles of which are displayed in the center of the stern. Well, in the cabin of such a car, sports bucket seats are installed.

The main feature of the concept is its power unit. This is a 6.1-liter naturally aspirated V12 engine, which, as noted above, was equipped with the legendary McLaren F1.

Interestingly, this particular motor has a higher performance on the Bavarian crossover than on the British supercar.

This is due to the fact that at the latter, the developers had to adjust the characteristics of the car to the racing requirements, while the Germans from BMW were completely untied.

As a result, the engine of the concept crossover produces over 700 hp, which is 120 more than the F1. The torque is declared at the level of 700 Nm.

BMW X5 Le Mans Concept.

The unit works in tandem with a six-speed manual, and the prototype has a rear drive. Plus, the car boasts an almost perfect axle weight distribution (51:49).

It is known that at the Nurburgring this BMW X5 was able to accelerate from zero to a hundred in 4.7 seconds and reach speeds of up to 311 km / h.

Considering that this crossover weighs more than two tons and has very mediocre aerodynamics, the dynamics are impressive.

Moreover, the unique concept managed to pass the «Northern Loop» in just 7 minutes 49 seconds, which is about 7 seconds slower than the current record holder in this car class — the Audi RS Q8.

The history of the BMW X5 Le Mans.

Following the victory of BMW at the Le Mans 24 race in 1999, already in 2000 the Bavarian concern decided to create a monster — The BMW X5 Le Mans.

BMW X5 Le Mans Concept.

One of the funniest moments in the automotive world is the decision of automakers to create a one-off car that is so illogical and reckless that the whole world freezes in amazement and confusion.

There have been several cars in history from different automakers, and BMW has honestly shared a stake with them.

Recently, we talked about the only 12-cylinder psychopath of its generation, the M8 Supercar, which BMW built as an experiment, but then decided to abandon the project.

Cars like these allow automakers to show off their creativity muscles and show the world what they can do.

Nevertheless, sometimes they do it for fun, for example, in honor of some event. Following the victory of BMW at the Le Mans 24 race in 1999, already in 2000 the Bavarian concern decided to create a monster — The BMW X5 Le Mans.

BMW pulled the V12 engine out of the Le Mans winner and shoved it into the most unlikely car ever — the X5.

BMW X5 Le Mans Concept.

This charged V12 X5 was then equipped with a 6-speed manual gearbox, sport seats and Sabelt seat belts, and a completely sporty appearance thanks to the spoilers under the front and rear bumpers, 20-inch wheels and lowered suspension.

This was a turning point in the development of the typical SUV family: from a car that was used more for shopping trips in Auchan than on the racetrack, it was turned into a fire-breathing monster with a V12 engine.

Under the hood, the X5 V12 Le Mans had 700 horsepower, it could accelerate to 60 mph in 4.7 seconds, and its top speed was electronically limited to 193 mph.

And this is in X5! Madness. But that’s not all. The famous BMW driver, Hans Stuck, took the X5 Le Mans for the Nürburgring race (after all, they are Germans, they can’t help but enter the ‘ring) and covered it in 7 minutes and 50 seconds. On X5, he was able to surpass the 8-minute figure on the famous Nordschleife.

BMW X5 Le Mans Concept.

Now they will hardly say that it is fast, but you must admit that it was 15 years ago. This is real crazy.

The X5 Le Mans is further proof that BMW is being cunning when it claims that people like Adrian van Hooydonk are responsible for design, this is the real Dr.

Frankenstein. Since BMW can make some of the craziest one-off cars in the world, a designer must produce examples that no one would ever think of to create.

And BMW is up to the task, just to do it and to see what the company is capable of. So now you know that at least one monster really exists and that is the BMW X5 Le Mans.

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