BMW X7 2021.

BMW X7 2021.

BMW X7 2021.

BMW X7 2021: the perfect German «premium».
The BMW company has been producing excellent quality crossovers for quite some time, which are in great demand around the world.

However, only recently did the brand have a model that can compete with premium representatives of this class. We are talking about the 2021 BMW X7, which has gone through a slight update.

The new model has a fairly large size and formidable appearance, which is decorated in the traditional style of the German company. The restyling also went through the cabin a little, where you can find very high-quality and expensive finishing materials, multimedia with a bunch of options and the most comfortable seats.

A good impression is also left here by the characteristics, thanks to which the car is able to move without problems on any type of road, and even where there are none at all.


Design is one of the main advantages of all BMW cars. The new body is no exception, with its enormous dimensions and impressive variety of decorations.

BMW X7 2021.

Here you can find relief transitions in height, mostly wavy, an abundance of inserts painted in chrome, aggressive optics, traditional air intakes and other details, thanks to which such a formidable and solid appearance is created.

As you can see in the photo, the front of the car has absorbed most of the decoration. It is not located very high, and also boasts a small length, which allows any driver to feel comfortable behind the wheel of a car.

The design of the muzzle begins with a slightly inclined hood lid, which will be covered with an abundance of undulating transitions in height, distributed evenly over the entire area.

The middle of the bumper is set aside here for branded grilles-nostrils of huge sizes, by which the model can be easily identified in the stream, without looking at the nameplates at all. Inside the lattice, there are many fine lines placed vertically and forming a grid.

Absolutely all parts of the air intake are chrome-plated. On the sides of the structure are quite formidable headlights, which also have a traditional BMW look.

They will be filled depending on the configuration: LEDs in the base or laser lights in the extended version.
The rest of the space on the bumper is allocated for a body kit, which takes up a decent part of the area. There is quite a lot of space on it for air intake systems, the shape and size of which differ depending on the modification of the machine.

BMW X7 2021.

Also, on the body kit, you can see a platform for attaching a license plate, a little undulating transitions in height, chrome inserts, fog signals and some protective metal elements.

The car looks very solid from the side. There is no colorful decor that creates such an appearance. Almost a third of the area here is allocated for a strip of windows, which is divided into parts by thin body pillars, painted in gloss black, and framed by a chrome line around the perimeter.

Still on top are quite large rear-view mirrors, always equipped with repeaters of turn signals. The main part of the body includes various light relief, which can be either stepped or wavy, and below there are widened wheel arches and protective metal inserts.

The rear of the car combines solidity and aggression. It has almost no slope, and most of the area is reserved for the tailgate. It consists here of a long visor, painted in gloss black and equipped with stop signals, which frames the next window on the sides, marker signals, traditionally connected to each other in the seventh series by a chrome line, relief, nameplates and a recess for the license plate.

The body kit here takes up much less space than the front, and it also sticks out slightly. It features foglights, chrome inserts, a pair of exhaust pipes and protective elements.

BMW X7 2021.


Everything is fine in the car and in the cabin. The new BMW X7 2021 model year will receive a department of genuine leather, wood, metals and a small amount of fabrics with plastic.

A high level of comfort for everyone inside is provided with the most comfortable seats with a large number of options, as well as a modern multimedia complex.

The dashboard of the car is made in the corporate style of the brand. It is slightly turned towards the driver and includes a large touchscreen monitor, which can also be controlled by gestures, interestingly shaped deflectors with buttons between them, as well as a thin strip consisting of touch buttons.

BMW X7 2021.

Next comes the tunnel, which houses the organizers covered with a flap, a technical panel and a huge armrest with a refrigerator inside.

The car can have five, six or seven seats. All of them will be trimmed with natural leather, and will also receive a heating system, lateral support and electric adjustment. The front row is additionally equipped with ventilation and massage.

The second row can also have these options, plus optional climate control, multimedia monitors and a separate armrest with organizers.

For the third row, nothing special is offered.


Under the hood of the BMW X7 2021, only three-liter engines in various versions are located so far. The diesel version has a return of 249 horsepower.

Gasoline versions can already boast of 340 and 400 forces. All variants work in tandem with an eight-speed automatic, which distributes all the forces evenly between all wheels.

As the test drive showed, all these modifications are great for driving in any conditions.

Options and prices

The price of the car starts at almost 6 million rubles.

Release date in Russia

The start of sales in Russia is expected in the near future.


The car was created to compete with such models as the Mercedes GLS, Range Rover SV Autobiography, Cadillac Escalade and other premium SUVs.

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