BMW X7 2023.

BMW X7 2023.

BMW X7 2023.

The restyled BMW X7 2023 has surprised with a revised design of the front end.

In April of the twenty-second year, BMW has officially declassified the updated version of the crossover X7.

During the planned restyling the car has received a revised exterior design.

«Faces» Bavarian SUV immediately draws attention to the two-sectional headlights: the top is a narrow strip of LED lights with turn signals, and under them are the main headlight units.

The latter are specially darkened and almost invisible when turned off.

Also the headlights are no longer in contact with the branded «nostrils» of the grille because they are located separately from it.

According to brand designers, in the future, a similar design of the front end should appear on a number of other BMW models, namely the new 7-Series, i7 and Alpina XB7.

Other front end features include the modified shape of the front bumper and complex design of the central air intake.

As for the «nostrils» of the aforementioned grille, fortunately, the developers did not make them even larger, but they became available in two-color design.

BMW X7 2023.

Plus, for an additional charge, you can now order a backlit grille, which is included in the list of basic equipment top-version M60i.

Changes on the back of the new BMW X7 2023 are not so significant: the car has received slightly modified lights and glass coating of chrome strip, visually uniting the blocks with each other.

For the updated crossover you can order the M Sport package, which implies the use of M-bumpers and the same side «skirts».

Plus, it includes gloss black decor, dark trapezoidal spigots and two-tone 21-inch wheels with twin spokes design.

And also for the model is available M Sport Professional package, which implies the presence of additional Shadowline decor, as well as the use of black or blue brake calipers.

BMW X7 2023.

In turn, the top-level BMW X7 M60i can boast the presence of aerodynamic air intakes and mirror housings, exhaust system with four nozzles and 22-inch wheels.

Note that the maximum size of rollers is 23 inches, and they are offered only for extra charge.

During restyling, the BMW X7 2023 in the new body received 12.3-inch digital dashboard and 14.9-inch touchscreen multimedia system iDrive 8.

These displays are placed on the same panel without a visor and are visually perceived as one unit.

Another significant innovation is the abandonment of the traditional automatic transmission joystick in favor of a miniature selector located in close proximity to the iDrive puck.

BMW X7 2023.

How convenient such decision from the point of view of ergonomics it is difficult to tell.

Bavarians report that the functionality of the voice assistant BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant has been expanded in the car.

The last one is now able to open windows and panoramic roof.

The model also got a digital key (Digital Key Plus), which is offered as an option and allows owners to open / close the cabin from their smartphone.

There are changes in technical terms. Henceforth, all BMW X 7 engines have a soft-hybrid add-on in the form of a 48-volt starter-generator, which is integrated into the eight-speed automatic ZF and produces 12 hp. (200 Nm).

It helps in the first seconds of acceleration and also acts as a start-stop system.

BMW X7 2023.

The base petrol variant xDrive 40i has been seriously modified and has become more powerful.

The 3,0-liter in-line six now develops 380 hp. (+ 47) and 520 Nm (+ 70).

Note that with 48-volt starter-generator connected to work, the peak thrust can reach 540 Nm. Such crossover accelerates from 0-100 km/h in 5,8 seconds (- 0,5).

«Stuffing» of diesel variant xDrive 40d hasn’t become more powerful: the unit still develops 340 hp (700 Nm), though taking into account a starter-generator the payoff grows up to 352 forces (720 Nm).

The Bavarians refused the variant M50i in favor of the X7 M60i, but technically nothing has changed.

This crossover is equipped with a 4.4-liter V8. Output of the engine reaches 530 horsepower and 750 Nm of torque (as on the version M50i).

Acceleration from 0-100 km/h is possible in 4.7 seconds. And in the future the market will be updated version of the Alpina XB7 with a 4.4-liter V8 horsepower increase from 621 to 639 «horses», although the maximum torque (800 Nm) will remain the same.

In this version acceleration from 0-60 mph (96 km/h) is possible in 4.0 seconds and the maximum speed reaches 290 km/h.

However, the pre-reformed modification has the same characteristics.

With that, on city streets, the updated BMW X7 2023 model year should still be perceived a bit faster than before due to the presence of Sprint function.

At activation of the latter (from the left steering paddle) the eight-speed automatic ZF starts shifting gears faster, and the most sports settings are engaged for the engine and the chassis.

Already in the base all versions of the German crossover have air suspension, but top-end M60i can additionally boast active stabilizers and adaptive steering mechanism, which for the initial versions are offered at extra charge.

Also the flagship has an active rear differential M Sport.

Besides, the auto has been updated with some electronic assistants.

For example, the system of automatic braking now recognizes pedestrians, cyclists and turning oncoming cars.

In turn, the car driver has learned to remember up to 200 meters of the traversed path (it was 50 meters) in order to leave on its own.

Produce updated X7 Bavarians will be at its U.S. plant, with restyled crossovers will appear on sale in August.

Prices for the base X7 xDrive 40i in the States start at $77,850 (6.5 million rubles at current exchange rates), and for the top-of-the-line BMW X7 M60i will have to shell out at least $103,100 (8.5 million rubles).

The Alpina variant will be delayed until 2023, its price tag is not yet specified.


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