BMW X8 2021.

BMW X8 2021.

For a long time, BMW announced the expansion of the crossover range with a completely new X8, which will become the next flagship for the manufacturer.

At the moment, the Bavarian concern has begun testing a pre-production prototype of this car, sending it to the track in the Nürburgring.

The photographs that captured this model during test drives reveal several notable details.

BMW X8 2021.

First of all, the low «set» front lights draw attention to themselves.

They are styled after the latest 8-Series Coupé. But, perhaps, on the presented BMW X8 prototype, part of the head optics is hidden by protective camouflage.

Otherwise, the Bavarian novelty will have a non-standard appearance.

Disguise does not allow to see the radiator grill. From the looks of it, it is in the style of the latest 7-Series sedan, not the sporty M4 and M3.

That is, the radiator grille of the flagship crossover will retain its recognizable shape.

BMW X8 2021.

The pre-production X8 prototype has a sloping roof. This stylistic decision deprives the passengers in the rear rows of additional headroom.

Therefore, perhaps the new BMW X8 will come with a 4- or 5-seater cab. The back door, judging by the large bulges, will be large enough. In addition, wide lanterns are installed at the stern.

BMW X8 2021.

The remaining 2 details, which can be seen on the tested prototype, partially reveal information about the technical part of the Bavarian novelty.

Apparently, the BMW X8, which has entered testing, is equipped with a hybrid installation.

And the twin tailpipes indicate that the manufacturer is currently testing an M sports version.

BMW X8 2021.

According to rumors, the BMW X8M will receive a hybrid installation based on a 4.4-liter bi-turbo engine and one electric motor.

Its total output will reach 750 hp. As a result, the new X8M will become the most powerful production car BMW has ever seen.

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