BMW X8 M 2022.

BMW X8 M 2022.

BMW X8 M 2022.

BMW X8 M 2022. Bavarian Baron: first images of the luxury crossover BMW X8 M.

Launching production of the full-size luxury crossover BMW X7 in 2019, the Bavarian company claimed that this car will play the role of the flagship of the model line for exactly 2 years.

Until an even more luxurious SUV with a cross-coupe body arrives on the market, which will receive the BMW X8 index of 2022.

Insiders assure that its development is proceeding strictly on schedule, so this year the public will be able to see the most expensive car of the German brand, which will also become the most powerful in the history of BMW serial cars.

It is important to note that the new BMW X8 is being built on the basis of the X7, intending to give the car a more powerful power unit, decorate the body with a more «status» body kit and stuff the flagship crossover with the most advanced filling.


They will also try to give the SUV the highest level of luxury in order to justify the difference in price between the «X-seventh», which, for reference, in its simplest configuration is estimated at 84.3 thousand euros.

BMW X8 M 2022.

At the same time, the Bavarians have something to strive for, because a potential competitor Rolls Royce Cullinan is sold at all for a respectable 280 thousand.

But it becomes clear that it will not be possible to justify the initially high status of this model by just equipping in the form of new-fashioned comfort and passive safety systems.

This is where the main marketing message comes up, promising the BMW X8 buyer an incredible 750 «horses» under the hood of an SUV.

At the same time, it is not hidden that it will be a hybrid, which, due to the presence of an additional electric motor, will be able to surpass in all respects the classic V12 that is installed on the Cullinan.

BMW X8 M 2022.


The exterior of the X8 crossover is partially introduced by spy photos, in which the architecture of the front end is visible through camouflage.

All indications are that the car will receive two-story head optics and relatively small «nostrils», and the lower part of the front bumper will be very different from the same body element on the X7.

The slope of the roof at the rear of the body will hint at some «coupe-like», but it will not be so great that the third row of seats cannot be accommodated in the cabin.

However, earlier announcing the release of their flagship, the Bavarians assured that they were preparing a four-seater saloon with captain’s seats in the second row, which automatically endows this car with the much-desired VIP status.

BMW X8 M 2022.


The interior of the new BMW X8 2022 model year is kept in the strictest confidence, because otherwise one would assume that it will be borrowed from the X7, which uses a completely classic layout and style, characteristic of all modern models of the German company.

It already has everything you need to form a modern cockpit, including large twin displays on the front.

Obviously, the equipment of the salon will also include all the most prestigious options, such as massage and ventilation of all seats.

If the SUV really turns out to be a four-seater, then such mandatory attributes of VIP-cars as boxes for cooling drinks and a control system for at least four-zone climate must appear in the car.

BMW X8 M 2022.

Specifications and filling

The powerful 750-horsepower hybrid engine, which is based on the 4.4-liter V8 engine, is reportedly only available in the BMW X8 M.

Therefore, the range of modifications may also include less powerful options, for example, the same 530-horsepower petrol unit. with., but without an electric «companion», or three-liter diesel engines for 340 and 400 liters. with., which are put on the BMW X7.

And yet, as in the case of the hybrid, the manufacturer has not yet provided any official information about the power plants, so surprises are possible here too.

The first production version of the BMW X8 is due in 2021, while the top-of-the-line X8 M will be unveiled in 2022.

The novelty is also expected in Russia, where the BMW brand is considered a cult one, which helps to successfully sell almost any Bavarian-made SUVs.

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