Bugatti Centodieci 2022.

Bugatti Centodieci 2022.

Bugatti Centodieci 2022.

The exclusive Bugatti Centodieci hypercar has completed its wind tunnel test.

The Bugatti Centodieci is in the final stages of development: at one of the last stages the car maker has made the final tuning of its aerodynamics.

The newest Bugatti Centodieci hypercar has successfully passed tests in wind tunnel. Totally the brand will release only ten such cars.

All the cars that received the final aerodynamics tuning were previously tested on the Nürburgring racetrack.

Already fully completed cars brand will give customers in 2022.

Bugatti treats this kind of pre-sale preparation of its models seriously: it is important for the brand to set high standards of quality and safety. The Centodieci first debuted in 2019 at the Pebble Beach Motor Week.

The «donor» for the piece hypercar was the Chiron, with the novelty getting a completely redesigned body, largely inspired by the EB110.

Bugatti Centodieci 2022.

Also, the novelty weighs 20 kilograms less than the Chiron, and its power output is 99 horsepower higher.

An 8-liter W16 four-cylinder with an output of 1,577 hp is responsible for the Centodieci’s performance.

The unique body of the new hypercar required a number of experiments in order for the developers to guarantee precise handling even at speeds above 350 km/h.

The engine, transmission and brakes were also thoroughly tested. One such hypercar costs $9.4 million.

And such a high price tag didn’t scare off buyers: all ten cars were sold out immediately after launch. One of the buyers was Cristiano Ronaldo.

Meanwhile Bugatti Centodieci tests have not yet been completed. Now the hypercar will have a series of races in the open air for the final total tuning.

Bugatti Centodieci 2022.

Bugatti Centodieci has successfully passed tests in wind tunnel. The first cars will be delivered to customers in 2022. The production run will be limited to ten copies only.

The French automaker says wind tunnel testing is a process to which it subjects all of its cars, even single cars like the Bugatti La Voiture Noire.

«We engineers don’t care whether we develop a hypersport car in one, ten or 500 copies — the effort we make and want to fulfill is the same, even exceeding the quality and safety standards applicable to mass production,» explains André Cullig, technical project manager at Bugatti.

The Centodieci was unveiled at the 2019 Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance. This limited-edition car is based on the Chiron, but has a completely redesigned body, heavily inspired by the EB110.

It’s also 20 kilograms lighter than the Chiron and slightly more powerful. The 8.0-liter four-cylinder W16 engine produces 1,577 hp, 99 hp more than the Chiron.

Bugatti Centodieci 2022.

The Centodieci’s unique body has presented the engineers with a new challenge.

Using a smaller «horseshoe» at the front with a flatter front end meant that the aerodynamics would be very different from any other Bugatti tested.

To ensure optimal handling even at speeds above 350 km/h, the developers adjusted the front diffuser flaps and rear wing angles, which are adjustable in the prototype, but will be corrected in the production version of the car.

Temperatures of the 1,577-horsepower engine were also tested, with observations made throughout the powertrain, brakes and gearbox oil coolers.

In further tests, the airflow hits the body at different lateral angles to simulate the car’s handling when cornering quickly with an offset center of gravity.

Bugatti Centodieci 2022.

Despite the model costing $9.4 million (RUB 686 million), all ten copies of the Centodieci were sold during its debut, with Cristiano Ronaldo reportedly one of the lucky customers.

Even though deliveries were scheduled for sometime next year, the wait was extended: fine-tuning continued, and engineers spent weeks testing the car for many more kilometers under the open sky to fine-tune it definitively.

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