Bugatti Chiron Hermes.

Bugatti Chiron Hermes.

Bugatti Chiron Hermes.

Unique in the world: Bugatti Chiron from the French fashion house Hermes.

Iranian businessman Manny Khoshbin (Manny Khoshbin) owns a collection of expensive and exotic cars, which was recently replenished with a unique copy of the Bugatti Chiron hypercar.

This two-door is called «Chiron habille par Hermes», which is translated from French as «Chiron in a Hermes suit.» From the name it becomes clear that experts from the Parisian fashion house Hermes took part in its creation.

At the suggestion of the latter, the hypercar received a light beige body paint «craie» («chalk») and bright red brake calipers.

The designers also developed alloy wheels and a number of other components for the car. For example, this Bugatti Chiron boasts a special design of the radiator grille, made in the form of miniature letters «H». The latter are designed to resemble the Hermes logo.

Plus, this version of the model received a monogram with the initials of Ettore Bugatti, the founder of Bugatti.

It can be seen on the same grille, as well as on the rims and stern. Separately, it is worth noting the modification wing, which has a drawing in the form of prancing stallions, which again is a reference to the emblem of the Parisian fashion house.

Salon Chiron from Hermes is again light beige. The seats, headlining, door cards, dashboard and center console are trimmed with leather.

By the way, the interior decoration was mainly carried out by the specialists of the Parisian fashion house, using their own materials.

Bugatti Chiron Hermes.

Again, the stallions in the cabin were not without a branded pattern — the corresponding pattern can be seen on the door panels and individual sections of the center console.

Manny Khoshbin notes that in the process of creating the car, he constantly communicated with representatives of Hermes, who tried to take into account all his wishes.

The businessman was satisfied with the final result. He called the hypercar a truly special car that he plans to one day inherit from his son.

Unfortunately, the cost of the exclusive Bugatti Chiron from Hermes is not specified, but the customer definitely had to fork out, especially since the company worked on the car for almost three years.

Bugatti Chiron Hermes.

Bugatti Chiron Hermes: one and only

The unique hypercar Bugatti Chiron Hermes is the fruit of cooperation between two leading French companies in their industries, made in a single copy.

And transferred to the customer — the American collector Manny Khoshbin. Specialists of the automobile company Bugatti Automobiles S.A.S. and the French fashion house Hermes International S.A. have been working on a unique machine for over 3 years.

The result of painstaking work in front of us: Chiron Hermes with a body and interior made in white, with a cream shade, as well as a lot of stylish design solutions.

Bugatti Chiron Hermes.

How much is the Bugatti Chiron Hermes

The cost of the luxury sports car Bugatti Chiron Hermes has not been disclosed. In this regard, it should be mentioned that ordinary Bugatti Chiron simply do not exist in nature.

And each hyper car is unique in its own way. After all, cars are made only for individual orders. The price list starts at 2.4 million euros. That is, the price of Bugatti Chiron in rubles for 2019 — from 165.5 million rubles.


The body and rims of the collection Bugatti Chiron Hermes are painted in white enamel with a cream tint (Hermes Craie). And the front and rear of the car are complemented by stylish design features.

Bugatti Chiron Hermes.

Bugatti’s signature horseshoe grille is drawn in a mesh patterned with many H letters.

And the lower part of the rear wing is decorated with a drawing of a prancing horse (Hermes Courbettes). What does the horse have to do with it?

The fact is that the design house Hermes International S.A., founded in 1837, originally dealt with equipment for riders and the design of horse carriages. And since 1950, the company has been using the harnessed crew logo.


The interior of the one and only Chiron Hermes hypercar — with a combined trim. Most of the interior is covered with high quality leather (white with a cream shade), made by special order of the Parisian fashion house.

However, on the cards of the doors and the central tunnel there are inserts (wool with cashmere) with a horse-like pattern.

Bugatti Chiron Hermes.

There is also an automatic transmission control selector and pedals with an original design. On the thresholds, there are stainless steel plates with the inscriptions Chiron Hermes 1 off 1.


The creators did not bother with the technique of the exclusive Bugatti Chiron Hermes.

Everything is like all Shirons: a petrol 8.0-liter W16 (1500 hp 1600 Nm) with 4 turbochargers and two-stage turbocharging.

Robotic 7-speed transmission and four-wheel drive. Acceleration dynamics from 0 to 100 km / h in 2.5 seconds. The maximum speed is 420 km / h.

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