Bugatti Rimac 2022.

Bugatti Rimac 2022.

Bugatti Rimac 2022.

Bugatti Rimac will launch its first car in 2022.

The Bugatti and Rimac automotive divisions were merged last year to form Bugatti Rimac, with Rimac CEO and founder Mate Rimac heading the new company.

In the new video, the top executive gave an update on Rimac’s own progress and also talks about some of the developments at Bugatti Rimac.

27 seconds after the start of the short video a kind of timeline appears, formed by Bugatti and Rimac brand cars.

On the left you will see classic Bugatti models, namely the Type 35 race car, the Royale and the Type 57SC Atlantic.

In the center are modern cars from Bugatti and Rimac, namely the Veyron and Chiron from Bugatti and Concept_One and Nevera from Rimac.

On the right are four enclosed cars, which Rimac describes as a Bugatti Rimac collaboration due in the coming years.

One, judging by its silhouette, resembles a Bugatti Type 35, suggesting that the car will get a sequel, possibly with an electric powertrain.

Bugatti Rimac 2022.

There also seems to be some kind of racing model, as evidenced by the Le Mans-style rear wing on one of the cars.

It is possible that this model is the production Bolide track model that Bugatti promised in 2024.

The third model is the new Bugatti hypercar, as evidenced by the trademark horseshoe-shaped grille at the front.

This may be Bugatti Rimac’s future successor to the Chiron, with production due to end around 2024.

There is also a fourth model, though the video changes to a new stage before a full silhouette can be revealed.

Bugatti Rimac 2022.

Interestingly, none of the cars are crossovers, suggesting that the Bugatti Rimac will stick to sports cars.

Don’t expect the next generation Bugatti to simply be clones of Rimac models, such as Pininfarina’s Battista hypercar, which uses the same equipment as Rimac’s Nevera.

Despite its partnership with a leading electric car company such as Rimac, Bugatti will not abandon the internal combustion engine just yet.

Both hybrid and purely electric Bugatti are planned for this decade. Rimac, of course, will only produce electric cars.

The Bugatti Rimac d.o.o. joint venture, in which the Rimac Group and Porsche will own equal shares, was legally formalized in the fourth quarter of 2021, after obtaining approvals from the antitrust authorities of several countries.

Bugatti Rimac 2022.

The brands will retain their independence and their production sites — Rimac in Zagreb, Bugatti — in Molesima.

However, in time they will move to a new headquarters at the Rimac Campus at a cost of 200 million euros.

According to the deal, Rimac Group will hold a bigger share (55 percent) in Bugatti Rimac, while Porsche will get 45 percent of shares.

However, Porsche will hold 24% of Rimac Group, that is, by all appearances, the Germans will have the final say in all strategic decisions.

An important point: the core business of Rimac, development of traction batteries, electric power drives and other components for third-party manufacturers will be separated into a separate company, Rimac Technology, which is 100 percent owned by the Rimac Group and is not part of the Bugatti Rimac JV.

Bugatti Rimac 2022.

The two brands, Rimac and Bugatti, will combine development expertise and resources to build new models together.

Bugatti will get access to Rimac technology, and the Croats will get loyal French clientele and extensive dealer network.

At the first stage the companies will continue to operate from their headquarters in Zagreb and Molsim but in the future the global office of Bugatti Rimac will move to Rimac Campus, a science and technology center a few kilometers from the old Rimac headquarters.

The subsidiary Rimac Technology will also be located there.

The complex with a total area of 200 thousand square meters and a cost of 200 million euros (17.4 billion rubles) is expected to be completed by 2023.

The design project was entrusted to the Croatian architectural bureau 3LHD, which built the five-star LN Garden Hotel in Guangzhou in China.

The campus will employ 2,500 people who will develop joint models of Rimac and Bugatti, including successors Nevera and Chiron.

The complex is promised to be modern, bright and friendly to the surrounding landscape.

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