The most expensive car in the world in 2019.

In early March, was presented the most expensive car in the world in 2019. She was the model La Voiture Noire from the company Bugatti. As part of the motor show was a presentation. The show was organized at the Geneva Motor Show.

16.5 million euros — the cost of the car. The novelty is one of a kind. The French automaker Bugatti was originally planning to release the model in a single copy. It was designed specifically for Ferdinand Piha. He is the grandson of the founder of the company Porsche.

However, customer data is not called. Some sources claim that the supercar acquired the famous football player Cristiano Ronaldo. Bugatti does not comment on rumors.


The world’s most expensive car 2019 Bugatti is actually a Chiron supercar that has undergone a comprehensive upgrade. Therefore, apparently these cars have such similarities. The main features of the new products are:

full carbon body handmade, made of carbon fiber;

expressive grille;

set of exhaust pipes in the amount of 6 pieces;

updated optics in the form of wide vertical lamps located on large ledges;

aerodynamic body kit;

glazing with the effect of flowing windshield in the side;

massive diffuser located in the lower part;

chrome decorative lines.

The exterior of the new car borrows many features from the Type 57 SC Atlantic coupe. This car belonged to Jean Bugatti, and was lost during the Second World War. The novelty is made in rich black color. Like its predecessor, the model has a fin that runs throughout the body. On the cover of the engine compartment ventilation is equipped. Air intake grilles occupy almost the entire part of the bumper body kit. By analogy with the bodywork all the other components of the car are also made by hand. The car turned out to be quite massive, although it does not differ excessively in overall dimensions.


Little is known about the interior design of the car. Since the model was created almost under the order, the developers as much as possible classified information regarding the cabin. It is known that it is decorated with luxurious finishing materials:

precious metals;

various types of wood;

natural skin.

Plastic and fabric are not used. The salon has an ultra-modern multimedia system with many options that increase safety and comfort to the maximum level.


Like the original car, the most expensive car in 2019 is equipped with an 8-liter 4-turbine engine W16. Power superkarara reaches 1.5 thousand horsepower, and torque is 1.6 thousand Nm. Developers do not disclose information about the dynamic parameters of the car, but experts believe that in this regard, the supercar turned out to be more perfect than its predecessor Chiron.
The new model has a fuel consumption per 100 km:

in urban conditions — 35.2 l;

15.2 liters on the highway.

The car accelerates to the mark of 100 km per hour in just 2.4 seconds. This indicator was largely achieved due to the location of the motor in the rear of the car. The design of the car is equipped in such a way that while driving the air is forced through the entire body. This provides a cooling effect for the engine compartment and the brake system.
The engine works in conjunction with a 7-speed robot and all-wheel drive system. Despite the declared power, it will be limited by an electronic security system, because of which the car will not be able to accelerate to speeds above 420 km per hour.

Cost and release date in Russia.

The most expensive car in the world in 2019, the price of which in rubles is about 1.2 billion, has already been sold. According to the management of Buattgi, the new model has become the first car in the company, sold at such a cost. It is not planned to expand the circulation of more than one copy, so it is not worth expecting the sale of new items in Russia or other countries. Despite the fact that the presentation of the car has already taken place, the owner will not be able to roll on it until 2021, because the designers have not yet completed the technical work.

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