BYD e2 2023.

BYD e2 2023.

BYD e2 2023.

A new BYD e2 hatchback has appeared on the Russian market.

BYD e2 appeared in three Russian cities, having a fairly efficient engine and a good level of equipment in its arsenal.

The BYD e2 2023 is now on sale in the Russian Federation. According to Gazeta.Ru, the hatchback appeared in the offices of Blagoveshchensk, Moscow and St. Petersburg.

The websites of these dealers and large classifieds have all the information about equipment and cost.

So, in the capital of Russia and St. Petersburg, an electric car is available with a price in the range of 2.2-3.0 million rubles.

At the same time, in Blagoveshchensk it costs 2.4 million rubles. The color scheme is represented by four shades — white, blue, red and gray.

A 95-horsepower engine is installed under the hood. The model is available exclusively in front-wheel drive. The power reserve corresponds to 360 km.

BYD e2 has compact dimensions — 4240x1760x1530 mm. Between the axles — 2 610 mm.

In general, it is comparable in size to the Volkswagen Golf.

BYD e2 2023.

The list of equipment includes air conditioning, a multimedia complex with a 10-inch monitor that can rotate 90 degrees, parking sensors, a multifunctional steering wheel, seats with the ability to adjust the position, airbags and much more.

The BYD e2 compact electric hatchback debuted four years ago but hasn’t caught on.

The best result is 34,000 cars sold in 2021. After that, a much more interesting BYD Dolphin hatchback entered the market, and showed how it should be: it finds 23-25 thousand buyers every month.

BYD e2 2023.

In the middle of last year, the “two” was even discontinued, but, as it turned out, temporarily. Now BYD e2 is re-entering the market — already in an updated form.

Now the five-door formally belongs to the «marine series» of BYD cars, which includes the same Dolphin and the Seal sedan.

Therefore, her appearance was remade in the style of her brothers. New front fairing — without a full grille. The design of the wheels has been changed (they are only 16-inch), the headlights have been redone, and LED optics relies only on expensive versions, and halogens are in the base.

BYD e2 2023.

The length of the hatchback has grown by 20 mm (up to 4260 mm).

The interior has changed even more seriously, and it is also decorated in the style of «marine» models with characteristic curves and waves.

The instrument screen (8.8 inches) is now without a visor, and the new DiLink media system, depending on the configuration, has a display with a diagonal of 10.1 or 12.8 inches.

The ability to rotate this tablet 90 degrees has been retained, choosing between «landscape» and «portrait» format.

The main technical novelty is a lithium-iron-phosphate traction battery of the Blade family, equipped with a thermoregulation system with a heat pump.

BYD e2 2023.

But if before BYD e2 offered two capacity options, now there is only one configuration for 43.2 kWh. Passport mileage on a single charge is 405 km according to the Chinese CLTC cycle.

There is no longer a choice of traction electric motor: only the base engine remains, which produces 95 hp. and 180 Nm. It is mounted on the front axle, the rear suspension is semi-independent.

The maximum speed is only 130 km/h. BYD also publishes the acceleration time to 50 km / h: 4.9 s.

In China, the updated BYD e2 is already available for order at a price of 15-16 thousand dollars. BYD Dolphin, although more compact (4125 mm in length), is considered a more prestigious model, and they ask for at least 17 thousand dollars for it.

And very soon, the smallest hatchback BYD Seagull (“Seagull”) will appear in the range, for which they will ask for 12-15 thousand dollars.

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