BYD Yuan PLUS 2023.

BYD Yuan PLUS 2023.

BYD Yuan PLUS 2023.

Chinese manufacturer BYD is set to unveil its first all-electric Yuan PLUS crossover at November’s Guangzhou Auto Show.

The vehicle, based on the BYD 3.0 electronic platform and designed by designers in line with the company’s overall direction, is likely to be registered no later than April next year.

The appearance in its front resembles the features of a dragon — at least, that’s how the creators of the crossover see it.

The novelty has a narrow squint of light-optics. Headlights are divided by big chrome strip where the logo of the company is modestly placed.

The lower part of the front looks very dynamic, with the bottom of the bumper gleaming with a silver stripe.

Profile of the compact electric crossover BYD Yuan PLUS looks very effective and dynamic.

BYD Yuan PLUS 2023.

Body lines with their stroke create a Latin letter S, which is inscribed between the wheel arches, and at the bottom of the doors is thoroughly emphasized by moldings.

At the back of the car the designers overdid it a little.

BYD Yuan PLUS 2023.

If the spoiler and one-piece strip of rear lighting looks organically, below the bumper the viewer will be met by a complex design around the license plate.

The interior of the new Yuan PLUS has not yet been made public, but some spy photos have revealed that a two-tone and three-spoke multifunction steering wheel will await the driver inside.

BYD Yuan PLUS 2023.

Also the two LCD screens will be located separately, and even the dashboard display will not be recessed into the torpedo of the new crossover.

The interior will be dominated by futuristic design elements.

The electric crossover will be equipped with 204 hp and 330 N*m of torque. Battery reserve is expected to be enough to cover 510 km.

BYD Yuan PLUS 2023.

Of course, there is not even talk about sales yet.

But presumably the novelty price can reach 130 — 160 thousand yuan.

If translated at current exchange rates in Russian currency, it is a spread between 1.432 and 1.763 million rubles.

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