Chery Exeed LX 400T 2023.

Chery Exeed LX 400T 2023.

Chery Exeed LX 400T 2023.

Chery Exeed LX 400T 2023. The new Exeed LX 400T 2023 has not reached Russia yet: the new cross-country Exeed LX 400T has entered the market at a price of 1.4 million rubles. Features announced.

The previously available limited edition crossover Exeed LX 400T 2023 has gone on sale.

Chinese company Chery has launched a new version of the Exeed LX 400T crossover on the home market.

Prices for the car in the home market range from 139,000 to 149,000 yuan (1.4 — 1.5 million rubles).

By the way, this car was previously released in an edition of only 100 models, but its popularity prompted Exeed that it should become more mass-produced.

Under the hood of the Exeed 400T is a 2.0-liter turbocharged engine with 261 hp and 400 N*m of torque.

The transmission is a seven-speed DCT Getrag automatic transmission. The Exeed LX reaches 4,533 mm in length, its width is 1,848 mm, height is 1,699 mm, and wheelbase length is 2,670 mm.

Chery Exeed LX 400T 2023.

The cross has 22 standard driving assistance features, including adaptive cruise control.

The front end features a large grille, illuminated «EXEED» logo and headlights with four LEDs.

Chery Exeed LX 400T 2023.

The model is equipped with new alloy wheels and red calipers.

The stern has a stylish spoiler above the windshield and four bronze-colored exhaust pipes built into the lower diffuser.

Chery Exeed LX 400T 2023.

Inside the crossover, the front panel has a 24.6-inch slightly curved digital display divided into two parts.

It is powered by a Qualcomm 8155 Snapdragon chip.

In front of the driver there is a two-spoke multi steering wheel with a beveled bottom. The interior has black leather upholstery.

Chery Exeed LX 400T 2023.

The perforated seats are heated and ventilated.

The operating system that runs all the electronics in the Exeed LX 400T is called Lion Smart Cloud.

It supports wireless updates that improve human-car interaction.

There is also fast charging for the smartphone and an audio system from Sony with 9 speakers.


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