Chery Exeed VX 2022.

Chery Exeed VX 2022.

Chery Exeed VX 2022.

The engine in the large SUV is one, with a complete set too thin — there are only two, but both «rich».

The new crossover was much more expensive than its main competitor from China, but it is still more affordable than similar models of more famous brands.

Till now the premium sub-brand of Chery — Exeed — was represented in Russia with only one medium-sized crossover TXL (in general, the brand began its career in our country as Cheryexeed, the native name was returned last summer).

And this Parkett turned out to be quite successful: according to the statistics of the Association of European Businesses, from January to October of this year in Russia 2719 cars were sold, while, for example, dealers Infiniti and Jeep for the same period sold 1620 and 1379 units respectively.

By the way, TXL was updated at the end of October. Now we are launching the second Exeed model — an even larger and more expensive crossover VX.

The three-row flagship of the brand is built on the M3X platform, which is also the basis of the TXL.

Chery Exeed VX 2022.

The Exeed VX has a carrier body and transverse motor location, McPherson in the front and multilever in the rear. Length — 4970 mm, width — 1940 mm, height — 1788 mm, wheelbase — 2900 mm.

That is in its dimensions VX is close to GAC GS8 of the first generation, Volkswagen Teramont and Hyundai Palisade.

The announced ground clearance is 200 mm, the minimum trunk volume is 520 liters.

Chery Exeed VX 2022.

In a native China Exeed VX has recently acquired a new two-liter turbo-engine with return of 260 hp and 400 Nm, but at home the crossover is offered with petrol «turbo four» 2.0 TGDI which gives 249 hp and 385 Nm.

The engine is combined with a seven-speed robotized transmission with two clutches. In the home market VX comes with both front and all-wheel drive, but in Russia the SUV is only all-wheel drive (with electromagnetic clutch BorgWarner).

It is declared that our version will gain the first «hundred» for 8,5 seconds.

Chery Exeed VX 2022.

In the Russian market Exeed VX is presented in two complete sets — Luxury and President, both by default have a seven-seater interior.

The list of equipment for the most accessible crossover includes: 19-inch wheels, LED optics, a stabilization system, cruise control, all-around cameras, a panoramic sunroof, a full «winter» package, six airbags, three-zone climate control, combined virtual «dashboard» and multimedia touchscreen (each display 12.3 inches), a system of «blind» zones.

The Exeed VX Luxury is priced at 3,299,900 rubles.

Chery Exeed VX 2022.

It has 20-inch wheels, multicolor ambient lighting and an ionaziator in the cabin, adaptive «cruise», the system of auto braking, lane-keeping, traffic jam assistance, traffic sign detection and automatic switching of headlights.

This Exeed VX costs 3,599,900 rubles.

As for competitors, the same GAC GS8, which is still present in the price list of the Russian division, will cost much cheaper: SUV with all-wheel drive, turbo 2.0 engine (190 hp) and 6ACP is from 2 643 000 rubles.

But the big crossovers more eminent brands more expensive: Hyundai Palisade AWD with gasoline 3.5 (249 hp) and 8ACP will cost at least 3 689 000 rubles, the price of all-wheel drive Volkswagen Teramont with 2.0 TSI (220 hp) and 8ACP starts at 3 846 000 rubles.

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