Chery Gene 2025.

Chery Gene 2025.

Chery Gene 2025.

Unusual crossover Chery Gene showed the new style of the brand.

The large parkette is a concept, and it is unlikely to go into production. But some design techniques can still be transferred to the mass models of the brand.

Chery held a special event in China today to showcase its latest developments: among them, a cloud platform, autopilot, a «bogie» for electric cars, and even a «cabin of the future.

But we are more interested in a rather unusual concept Chery Gene (the «gene») because it is proclaimed as a bearer of the brand’s new family design language: it is believed that its features will go to mass Chery models that will appear by 2025.

Photo of the prototype was published, including local publication Autohome.

So, Chery Gene is an electric crossover about five meters long.

About the installation it is said only that the crossover has solar panels. Like many other show cars, Gene has cameras instead of mirrors, but it has its own «chip» — the cameras are retractable.

Chery Gene 2025.

Rear doors open against the traffic, there are no central pillars.

Lighting made in the form of diode strips across the width of the car, both in front and behind.

Chery Gene 2025.

These stripes are «interrupted» by the emblem of the brand, and it is also lit. Also in the arsenal of a cross is listed autopilot — with its activation are lit up not massive bars that play the role of headlights and tail lights, and thin lines.

Instead of usual luggage door — folding top section and bottom sliding part with compartment where electric skateboard and two drones are placed.

Chery Gene 2025.

The latter can broadcast images to the included virtual reality glasses.

Chery Gene has a four-seater interior with a «floating» central tunnel. On the front panel is a single 27-inch display.

Chery Gene 2025.

And when the autopilot is on, the steering wheel is pressed against the panel and the seats are moved to a semi-recumbent position. The seats can rotate.

What exactly the features of the concept will inherit future Chery models is not specified.


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