Chery Tiggo 8 Pro Max 2023.

Chery Tiggo 8 Pro Max 2023.

Chery Tiggo 8 Pro Max 2023.

Chery Tiggo 8 Pro Max 2023. Powerful, all-wheel drive, seven-seater — and much cheaper than the Koreans.

The Chinese manufacturers’ experiments with naming do not stop.

At first the Russian audience was amused by semantics of names Haval and Lifan, then Chery indulged in distortion of English and liked it so much that the sub-brand Exeed is named by the same principle — removing from the word one «unimportant» letter.

Then came the not-so-sounding name Tugella, and now the fashion for gadget-style designations is in full swing.

Pro additions are used in their models by Geely and Chery, and the latter has released another version of the Tiggo 8 — Pro Max.

The full name hints that today it is the coolest Chery car.

It is less than 4 million rubles for a four-wheel drive three-row crossover with an aggressive design and a solid interior.

Spiced up with a bunch of high-tech options and a 7-year warranty. It is rather generous for these days.

Chery Tiggo 8 Pro Max 2023.

The base of the flagship modification Pro Max is a model Tiggo 8 Pro with a turbocharged 1.6 engine and front-wheel drive.

But the upgrade to the top version has affected not only units, but also the interior — Pro Max has received a separate front panel with huge monitors, improved seats, original fittings and a number of gadgets — for example, an improved sound system with eight speakers from Sony.

The least of all changes touched exterior: the most noticeable is the front grille, causing associations with Audi.

Four exhaust pipes dominate at the back instead of two.

It looks a little bit absurd — the car is not so sports to hang so many «trunks» under a bumper.

Chery Tiggo 8 Pro Max 2023.

One can understand and forgive youth Geely Coolray that mimics WRC-rallycar, but in the big family car it looks like pant leg bands.

It is the same with abundance of nameplates on a trunk door — do people around exactly need to know figures of engine torque?

The interior of the Tiggo 8 Pro Max will definitely become the pride of every owner of such a car.

Here, everything looks like the «powers that be»: dual display is not inferior in size Mercedes, fashionable ventilation grille across the width of the front panel reminiscent of Audi again, a separate climate display — a la Land Rover, and stitching of seats looks more luxurious than the flagship Mazda.

Chery Tiggo 8 Pro Max 2023.

Some Kodiaq will lose Tiggo 8 Pro Max by external pathos and sensation of riches onboard.

But the test drive gives a fine opportunity to use all this magnificence, and not just to look at it — and here new interesting impressions are waiting for us.

For example, hips support of the improved front seats is purely props.

I have not met in any automobile such pliable rollers, which are completely crumpled flush with the cushion’s plane in the process of boarding!

That said, the side support on the backrest hugs more securely. But soft eco leather with air filling proves to be very appropriate on headrests — it feels as if you are in S-Class.

The design of one of the three dashboard interfaces is also reminiscent of Mercedes — the only one that is convenient to use.

The multimedia system shows good speed performance and in a part of the home screen with tiles is copied from BMW, but in the rest the interface is borrowed from iPhones.

Chery Tiggo 8 Pro Max 2023.

And the last circumstance makes it confusing if you use the connection to the system mobile — because of the similarity of the icons with Apple’s it is difficult to understand whether you are in the menu multimedia or already inside the «carlay».

On the large central screen (12.3 inches diagonal, as the dashboard) is particularly impressive picture from external cameras and built in a three-dimensional model of the car — it even implemented dynamic turn signals!

Cool. But it would be better if the developers’ efforts were aimed at not forgetting the button Mute (it just did not appear in the cabin — I was looking for it even on the third row).

Or to make control of two-zone climate (as at many Chinese — with the system of superfine air cleaning) more obvious.

The driver and the passenger each have two levers — control of temperature and the fan speed.

But if the first is regulated separately, then the second function is general and is duplicated with the second button for some reason.

For justice’ sake — all levers and knobs are tastefully made.

Telling the truth, sometimes with another’s — what for was it so shamelessly to copy the button of start of the engine from Mercedes E-class?

It is just to create sensation «the same at me» at the owners — there can be no other explanation.

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