Chevrolet Blazer 2020.

Chevrolet Blazer 2020

Chevrolet Blazer 2020.

Chevrolet Blazer 2020: an urban crossover with off-road ambitions.
The general Motors concern compensated for the decline in demand for heavy frame SUVs by re-equipping the Blazar series model of the same name into a more affordable urban medium-format crossover Chevrolet Blazer 2020.

In the third generation, the new model range, which has survived restyling, received the status of a youth car with optimal acceleration characteristics for its class, modern body design and decent interior volume comfort.

In a few spy photos, the new model, modified in accordance with crossover standards, shows dominant elements of aggressive styling in its appearance, complemented by sporty reliefs and exclusive details of the external decor.


The frontal side of the front, designed in the style of the corporate car of the Camaro series, looks defiant and aggressive. In the field of view of the upper part:

Chevrolet Blazer 2020.

panoramic windscreen enclosed in glossy black plastic;
stepped longitudinal reliefs of the large-format bonnet;
a large-format radiator grille divided into unequal parts by a decorative strip.

Unlike European counterparts with combined blocks of high and low beam, the head optics of the Chevrolet Blazer 2020 crossover is made in the form of narrow lampshades supplemented with dotted DRLs with xenon fittings. The low beam sources are integrated in the vertical cutouts of the side air diffusers.

The rich equipment of the front end is complemented by the minimum configuration of a narrow plastic body kit equipped with a ventilation intake for the engine compartment.

The list of structural and design features of the sidewalls: a flat roof line and three-section glazing window sills ascending to the rear pillars, enlarged mirrors, a combination of ribbed and wave door relief and a plastic protective skirt of the lower body perimeter.
Solid rims are designed in a typical style for Chevrolet cars produced in recent years.

Most of the aggressive design details are concentrated on the rear of the case.
The crossover layout of the stern is visible in the combination of the sloped glass of the rear window and the vertical line of the embossed tailgate perpendicular to the road.

The wedge-shaped shape of the side light blocks and a set of fog lamps are organically integrated into the general entourage.
The modest plastic body kit includes a silver trim and a pair of rectangular sports tailpipes.

Chevrolet Blazer 2020


The interior volume will delight future drivers with a decent quality of finishing materials, ergonomic equipment layout, and a high level of travel comfort.

The front panel attracts attention with its excellent visibility and informational content of the analog-digital instrument cluster and the hexagonal chrome frame of the universal multimedia command monitor of the center console.

The list of features of the dashboard includes a large amount of decorative chrome plating and the round configuration of large ventilation deflectors typical of premium sports cars.

The minimum number of adjustment elements for standard options on the console is explained by the transfer of some of the command buttons to the upper plane of the sports multifunctional multifunction steering wheel.

The central tunnel begins with a transmission control joystick, dual wells for small personal cargo and a washer for changing the modes of the chassis. The design is complemented by a set of organizers and a spacious glove compartment in the top-end Chevrolet modifications, which serves as a refrigerating chamber.

Chevrolet Blazer 2020.

The service of the front and second row seats does not differ significantly. In the asset of comfortable seats: an orthopedic shape of the backs and elements of full support, a zone heating system for seats, an extended range of working settings for seats and head restraints.

Passengers in the rear three-seater row received the function of individual adjustment of two-zone climate control and the ability to transform the middle seat into a comfortable armrest with built-in cup holders.

The test drive confirmed the volume of the luggage compartment declared by the manufacturer, which allows transporting cargo with a total volume of 600 or 1800 liters.


In terms of dimensions, the new body has been edited in the ratios of 4917 x 1915 and 1745 mm. The technical base of the new crossover is based on the characteristics of the C1XX platform, with a center distance of 2857 and an off-road clearance of 182 mm, which makes it possible to use the advantages of a front- or all-wheel drive chassis.

The chassis has an independent combined rack-and-link suspension, a full set of disc brakes and an electric power steering system.
The engine range is represented only by gasoline-powered drives. In the basic version, this is an environmentally friendly EcoTec power unit with a volume of 2.5 liters and an output of 194 hp / 255 Nm of peak thrust.

The top-end modification of the Chevrolet Blazer 2020 will receive a more dynamic and speedy 3.6-liter «six» with a capacity of 409 hp / 365 Nm.

Both engines work in tandem with a nine-band automatic transmission that transfers power to the front axle or four-wheel drive.

Chevrolet Blazer 2020.

Options and prices

The estimated price of the basic version of the new crossover starts from 27-28 thousand dollars. The cost of the top modification will be announced a little later.

Sales start in Russia

The post-reform new Chevrolet Blazer 2020 model year is initially focused on the needs of the domestic and Chinese markets, so the release date in Russia in the foreseeable future will remain in question.

Competing models

The list of competitors already includes models of the same type in terms of cost and scope: Infiniti QX50, Volvo XC60, Honda Pilot and Cadillac XT5.

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