Chevrolet Captiva 2022.

Chevrolet Captiva 2022.

Chevrolet Captiva 2022.

The improved Chevrolet Captiva has been launched in Mexico.
Crossover Chevrolet Captiva second generation CN202S, as a clone of the model Baojun 530 from Chinese company SAIC-GM-Wuling (SGMW), began updating along the lines of a restyled original.

Start of sales of the Captiva 2022 model year has been announced in Mexico, where it has not been offered before.

The reform will soon catch up with other clones of the «fifty-thirtieth»: MG Hector for India and Wuling Almaz for Indonesia.

This one differs from the pre-reform Captiva by narrowed running lights, widened grille, new bumpers and design of the exhaust.

The only difference from the updated Baojun 530 is the Chevrolet logos, because the Captiva for Mexico is produced by the SGMW plant in Liuzhou.

Diagonal of the main display has grown from eight to 10.4 inches, and its vertical orientation forced to change air deflectors and central console, hide dual-zone climate control.

The dashboard went digital. The new lever is explained by the replacement of the «robot» with a variator.

Baojun 530 is exported to Mexico through the sea port of Guangzhou. In January, a shipment of 500 cars went «swimming».

Chevrolet Captiva 2022.

Deliveries of Baojun are established to 21 countries. We are talking about 100,000 cars and / or car kits a year. India has localized the assembly at the Halol plant in Gujarat.

Indonesia also assembles the Wuling Almaz in Chikarang.

Chevrolet Captiva 2022..

There is not much information about the Captiva yet, but the Baojun 530 is willing to share it.

Atmospheric 1.8 is no more, so the ball rules turbo four 1.5 N15T (147 hp, 250 Nm) with a six-speed manual, eight-speed variator and all-wheel drive.

Chevrolet Captiva 2022..

Suspension (McPherson struts and beam) — the same, power steering — electric, brakes — disk (ventilated at front).

Curb weight is in the range 1465-1599 kg. The interior can accommodate five, six or seven passengers.

The restyled Baojun 530 entered the Chinese market in September 2020.

Prices are in the range of 70,800-93,800 yuan (827,250-1.1 million rubles). Length increased by 35-40 mm (up to 4690-4695), height reduced by 10 (to 1750), width and wheelbase are the same: 1835 and 2750 mm.

Chevrolet Captiva 2022..

Statistics of sales of Baojun 530 in China says that after restyling the demand has increased dramatically.

If in August 2020 4,440 cars were sold, in September already 18,962 (a record in the history of the model).

A successful fourth quarter allowed to end the year with the result of 89,428 units (+6349).

Meanwhile, Indian MG Hector in 2020 has found 25,935 owners (+62.8%) and took first place in the midsize SUV-segment.

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