Chevrolet Cobalt 2021.

Chevrolet Cobalt 2021.

Chevrolet Cobalt 2021.

Chevrolet Cobalt 2021: the return of the budget but practical sedan.
The GM brand has not delighted its fans with budget cars for a long time, including sedans. Therefore, the very unexpected appearance of the 2021 Chevrolet Cobalt is intended to make a splash in the automotive markets around the world.

The new model has a striking, original design in the American style, not the most sophisticated, but practical interior, as well as decent driving characteristics that push the boundaries of the possibilities of using the car.

There is no doubt that the new product will be popular among both beginners and more experienced drivers.


The exterior of the 2021 Chevrolet Cobalt has not undergone dramatic changes: it is still the same massive, low and rather simple body with streamlined lines and a minimal amount of decor. However, the restyling slightly changed the lighting technology, bumpers, and also the relief of the car.

Judging by the photo, most of the innovations went to the front of the car, which, as before, is located low and rather narrow, although it has an average length.

Chevrolet Cobalt 2021.

Under the large windshield is a small bonnet with three longitudinal ribs. This detail has a noticeable tilt at the front to improve visibility. In front of the hood, you can find a huge rounded head lighting equipment with running lights and a good halogen filling.

Between them is a radiator grille consisting of two strips of different widths, which has received a clearly visible chrome edging.

The body kit of the new body has retained its small size and unpretentious outlines, however, it also acquired chrome decorations and foglights of a different, than before, rounded shape. The slot for the additional air intake also slightly changed its shape and became a little larger.

In profile, the novelty seems taller than it really is, due to the sloping roofline and miniature windows in a wide black-plastic edging. Immediately below them, there is a simple smoothly rolling relief, resting below on wheel arches that are simply huge for such a small car.

Other elements: exterior mirrors and door handles are very simple and indicate that the engineers sought to create the most affordable car.

Behind the novelty is almost no different from the previous generation. A very short, straight and high-set trunk lid goes into an almost sheer rear wall with the simplest relief and nameplates giving information about the model.

Next to it are slender vertical side lights, divided into sections. A little below, you can see a modest bumper with stamping under the license plate and a slot at the end of the exhaust system.

Chevrolet Cobalt 2021.


The interior of the new 2021 Chevrolet Cobalt model has been updated in almost every detail and features higher quality fabrics and plastics used in the decoration.

The seats have become a little more ergonomic, and the multimedia system has received additional useful functions designed to make any trip comfortable.

Front end decoration

The center console doesn’t boast a lot of controls, but it does provide plenty of open space for small personal items. The upper part of the dashboard has a number of deflectors, a simple but convenient entertainment control unit, as well as keys and air conditioning washers.

At the transition to the tunnel, you can find several auxiliary buttons, a 12 V socket, as well as jacks for connecting external devices.

The central tunnel is very modest and, apart from the podium for the gear lever and the parking brake, you can’t find anything here. The comfortable three-spoke steering wheel with metal-look inserts has moved from the Aveo model and evokes only pleasant emotions.

As well as a narrow instrument panel containing a pointer gauge for an engine speed indicator and a monochrome display from which you can read other relevant information about the parameters of the car.

Chevrolet Cobalt 2021.

Seats and trunk

Best of all, four people will feel in the car, although in extreme cases three of us can move from behind. The seats themselves have acquired a more comfortable shape, slightly softer filling and are sheathed with better quality fabric.

Of the options, it is worth noting mechanical adjustment of the position of the seats, heating of the front seats, attachments for child seats, as well as rather comfortable head restraints.

The luggage compartment of the car can be safely called one of the largest in the class: almost 550 liters of volume, and this figure can be increased by folding the backs of the rear seats.


Three gasoline engines have been prepared for the 2021 Chevrolet Cobalt. The initial configuration will receive a 1.4-liter unit with a return of 97 «horses». The 1.8-liter installation will be able to show 128 forces. And Russian fans of the brand will also be able to choose a 1.5-liter unit with an output of 105 forces.

Buyers will have access to a five-speed manual or a six-speed automatic. In this case, the drive will remain uncontested-front.

As the test drive showed, this data is quite enough for a quiet movement around the city and the highway with a fairly low fuel consumption.

Chevrolet Cobalt 2021.

Options and prices

Two complete sets of a budget sedan are being introduced to the domestic market. The initial price, according to the manufacturer’s assurances, will not exceed 650 thousand rubles.

More expensive versions with an automatic transmission will be sold at 50-100 thousand units of the Russian currency more expensive.

Sales start in Russia

The issue of the release date of the new product in Russia is no longer relevant, since this event took place at the beginning of the third quarter of this year, 2020.

Competing models

The rivals of the novelty are traditional: they are Kia Rio, Hyundai Solaris and Renault Logan. With a slight stretch, the Lada Vesta in the «sedan» body can also be included here.

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