Chevrolet Cobalt II 2022.

Chevrolet Cobalt II 2022.

Chevrolet Cobalt II 2022.

Chevrolet Cobalt II 2022. Classic sedans won’t be out of popularity for many years, even though car enthusiasts are very interested in crossovers.

These cars are best suited for use in urban realities, and most often distinguished by affordability in maintenance. A striking example can be called Chevrolet Cobalt in the second generation.

This model is presented on the Russian market since 2013 and is produced until now.

The car enjoys success, including in the secondary market, where now such a variant can be purchased in live condition, having on hand 300 — 400 thousand rubles. Of course, if we are talking about cars of the first years of production.

The story of acquaintance and long-term use is shared by Yaroslav — the hero of our today’s story, who bought a second-generation Chevrolet Cobalt in 2014, at a time when the car had actually just entered the market and began to enjoy success.

Yaroslav bought the sedan in the classic bundle with a 1.5-liter gasoline engine and automatic transmission. It is worth noting that this model is also available with a traditional five-speed manual transmission.

Over the years of operation our hero has managed to drive this car more than 300 thousand kilometers and still continues to speak positively about the car, even despite the problems leaking at the time.

Chevrolet Cobalt II 2022.

The model has turned out to be really successful, since it optimally combines the cost and quality of assembly.

It is noteworthy that now the assembly of such cars is going on the production facilities of Chevrolet, located in Uzbekistan, which allowed to make the price tag of the car as comfortable as possible.

The exterior of .

Chevrolet Cobalt II is a brutal sedan with a very budget look, which is not conspicuous in the general traffic flow, but at the same time allows its owner to look spectacular behind the wheel.

It is noteworthy that such cars most often pass by the eyes of traffic police inspectors.

In general, the design of the model can be called outdated, however, on the background of the same Renault Logan the appearance of the American does not look out of place in modern realities.

Interior .

The interior of the car is made as practical as possible with a special emphasis on accessibility and convenience of the location of the main combinations of devices.

Chevrolet Cobalt II 2022.

It is hard to say that the interior has a repulsive look, however, something pleasing to the eye is difficult to isolate.

The interior in general can also be called outdated, as significant changes here have not been made since the first models came off the assembly line, and that, for a second, is more than 8 years ago.


The body part of the car is a standard problem for the owner. The paint coating is quite thin and quickly subjected to damage during active operation.

Due to this set of circumstances, the body of the Chevrolet Cobalt will have to be monitored on a constant basis, not allowing the corrosion elements to cover the problem areas.

The owner of such a car will become a frequent visitor to service centers if he wants to keep the body elements in proper condition for years to come.

Chevrolet Cobalt II 2022.

The engine and transmission

Here is also not all unequivocal, as it may seem at first glance. On the one hand the engines of Chevrolet Cobalt are durable, as well as the transmission in general, but these elements can’t do without competent maintenance.

Moreover, besides timely oil changes and other consumables, it is necessary to focus on rubber seals and gaskets, otherwise the car will start leaking from all gaps.

Thus, oil consumption and loss of antifreeze occur. If you do not take action in time, the oil begins to penetrate into the cooling system.

Chevrolet Cobalt II 2022.


The chassis of this car is reliable and firmly copes with all the obstacles in the way, which only can be found on Russian public roads.

In terms of maintenance suspension is unpretentious and many elements can boast a serious resource.

This mostly applies to the first years of manufacture cars, which were assembled in a higher quality in comparison with modern cars.

The suspension itself with moderate car use properly lasts 200 — 250 thousand km, after which it requires complete overhaul.

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