Chevrolet Groove 2021.

Chevrolet Groove 2021.

Chevrolet Groove 2021.

Chevrolet Groove 2021: the American version of the budget crossover from the Middle Kingdom
The sensation of the month was the transformation of the Chinese Baojun 510 crossover into the American counterpart of the Chevrolet Groove 2021, at the stage of modernization adapted to the characteristic features of the Latin American market.

Restyling has identified itself with minor updates to the body decor, the technical and operational characteristics of the new item are copied from the prototype without significant changes.

The new model belongs to the category of mid-size cars of the entry price level, however, already in the basic configuration, the crossover in the SUV body will receive additional functional and comfort-forming options.

In the model range of the Chevrolet Groove model 2021, a niche is allocated between the new branded versions of the Tracker and Captiva.

Chevrolet Groove 2021.


In the first generation, the 2021 Chevrolet Groove differs from the Chinese crossover with a modified radiator grille and branding. In the photo in the front projection, the Americanized Baojong demonstrates the body design features characteristic of Chinese models. In sight:

• wave and ribbed profiles of the hood inclined towards the front edge;

• predatory squint of multi-element front optics;

• Hexagonal radiator lining decorated with transverse slats and chrome-plated perimeter.

The appearance of a modern and dynamic car is formed by the pentagonal format of the side diffusers, complemented by fog lights, as well as the block structure of the protective panel of the plastic body kit and the decorative frame of the lower ventilation duct.

The frontal decoration is the brand logo, a harmonious and carefully verified combination of expressive body reliefs.

From the side view, the new crossover body looks very stylish and modern in every way. In stock:

• silver compact roof rails inclined to the stern of the domed roof;

• color and tonal contrast of black matte trim and chrome-plated window sill;

• oval mirrors equipped with turn signals and strict geometry of wide doorways.

Chevrolet Groove 2021.

Also in the spotlight are the square wheel arches equipped with protective plastic liners, a protective decorative sill strip and the original four-lobe design of two-color wheels. The entourage is perfectly complemented by longitudinal stepped profiles connecting the arches.

The design of the rear side of the case is dominated by the characteristic details of the European crossover classics. This is, first of all, a combination of a massive spoiler and a compact semi-oval window, decorated with a brand logo, a plate for the number plate and chrome nameplates, the tailgate.

Noteworthy is the futuristic design of multifunctional stylish lanterns. The complete plastic ribbed body kit includes an air diffuser and a large-caliber exhaust cut into the left side of the protective panel.


Despite the status of a budget car, the 2021 Chevrolet Grove offers a fairly comfortable and technically equipped interior volume. The interior is made of fabric or kozhimite; there are modern electronics and decent ergonomics for all five seats.

• The top section of the multifunction steering wheel, complete with command button blocks, provides a good overview of the instrument cluster with analog dial gauges.

Chevrolet Groove 2021.

• In the layout of the three-tier console, there is a medium format display of the media and information complex, a block of adjustable deflectors and a panel for quick activation of onboard systems.

• The design of the small tunnel provides convenient access to the technical sector with the transmission lever, component organizers and the volume of the built-in mini-refrigerator located under the soft armrest.

The crossover front seats, equipped with lateral support, have elastic, but somewhat rigid filling and an extended range of height adjustment.

In the top version, a seat ventilation circuit, a directional stabilizer, improved parameters of the multimedia complex, a cabin acclimatization system and reinforced 16-inch wheels are promised.

The transformation of the rear sofa into three seats allows, if necessary, to increase the trunk volume from 318 to 1210 liters.


The external dimensions of the crossover left unchanged in the ratios of 4220 x 1740 and 1605 mm remove some of the parking problems typical for large cities.

Chevrolet Groove 2021.

• In the design features of the running gear (2550 mm) of the center base — off-road clearance of 180 mm, combined MacPhersonian and torsion-bar axle suspension.

• In the presence of electric power steering, a set of anti-roll bars and effective road safety systems.

• Regardless of the configuration level, the new crossover will receive an uncontested power unit, consisting of a 1.5-liter 112-horsepower gasoline aspirated and a 6-band front-wheel drive manual transmission.

The test drive of the novelty showed the dynamics of speed gain, nominal for its class, at the level of 12 seconds, economical, 6.4-6.6 liters, fuel consumption. Speed ​​and handling characteristics have not yet been published.

Options and prices

In the Latin American market, the new 2021 Chevrolet Groove is announced only in the basic version, the price of which is at the stage of formation.

Competing models

In the world market, the popularity of cars in a crossover configuration is consistently high, so the list of real competitors is very extensive. In the first lines — GMC Granite, Hyundai Creta, Kia Seltos and Renault Kaptur.

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