Chevrolet Groove 2023.

Chevrolet Groove 2023.

Chevrolet Groove 2023.

The new Chevrolet Groove crossover is preparing for release in Russia. Is the American brand returning to the market?

The American Chevrolet Groove 2023 crossover is getting ready for sales in our country.

In Russia soon will start selling crossover Chevrolet Groove 2023. Of course, the car will appear in our country unofficially, because it is an American crossover.

However, the car will be brought to the Russian Federation not from the United States, but from the United Arab Emirates. This was told by Russian journalists who visited one of the car showrooms.

Media representatives went to a dealership in the Krasnodar region under the guise of buyers.

They talked to the managers and found out that soon a new crossover Chevrolet Groove will appear in the showroom, which will be brought under the system of parallel import from the UAE.

The salesman said the cars will be at dealerships next month. All cars will be brand new and will even have a two-year warranty.

At the same time, the cars will be available in a very wide range of colors, which could attract many customers. Even the price list is announced — 2.4 million rubles. It is possible to place an order right now.

For the record, this is not a real «American». This car is based on the Chinese Baojun 510.

The car has small dimensions, and therefore is ideal for the city.

Chevrolet Groove 2023.

The crossover is powered by a one and a half liter atmospheric motor with a maximum output of 110 horsepower (147 N*m of torque).

Such a unit is quite enough to provide the compact model with good dynamics.

The equipment list of the car has options such as speed control, 360-degree cameras, parking sensors, regular anti-theft system, electric power steering, multimedia display for 8 inches, and more.

Chevrolet Groove 2023.

Of the so-called «warm» options is only heating of the side rear-view mirrors.

Inexpensive crossover CHEVROLET Groove from China began selling in Russia.

The sale of a reasonably priced all-road Chevrolet model, delivered by partners from China, has started in the Russian car market.

Russian motorists have an opportunity to buy all-road model Chevrolet Groove. Reports about the sale of this foreign car appeared on a popular classifieds site the day before. They were published by St. Petersburg, Omsk and Krasnodar dealer centers.

Chevrolet Groove 2023.

Chinese-made model is equipped with an engine, which squeezes out 105 «horses». The crossover is ready to sell for a rather modest amount for 2022: from 2 million 350 thousand rubles.

Foreign car from representative office of concern GM from the People’s Republic of China was shown the year before last. Under Chevrolet brand, the American automobile giant GM sells one of models of local firm Baojun.

In the Russian Federation the parkette is offered with airbags for four passengers, «casting», a climate control system for the front part of the interior and an infotainment system with a rear view camera.

Chevrolet Groove 2023.

The leather trim is exclusive to the steering wheel. Cruise control and rear parking sensors are also on the list of features. The seats of the first row can be adjusted in height.

The car’s body stretches 4,220 mm. There is 2,550 mm between the wheels. As a result, the Groove turned out to be a little more modest in size compared to the Hyundai Creta crossover.

Under the hood is less productive 1.5-liter unit paired with a variable transmission and front-wheel drive system.

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