Chevrolet Montana 2023.

Chevrolet Montana 2023.

Chevrolet Montana 2023.

Chevrolet unveiled the new 3rd generation Chevrolet Montana pickup truck.

Chevrolet introduced the third generation of the Chevrolet Montana pickup truck, which was turned into a colorful vehicle for outdoor activities and for the first time received a practical five-seat cabin with two doors.

Interestingly, the Americans have dramatically revised the format and market positioning of the model.

If the two previous generations were purely utilitarian transport, the new model is an active recreational vehicle.

It is known that the pickup is based on the crossover Chevrolet Tracker, which is produced in Brazil since 2020.

It received a two-row cabin with four doors. In terms of exterior design the truck doesn’t look like the donor.

So, its front end has a double-deck headlamp, which in the future probably will be used also for the restyled Traker.

While the Americans declassified only the senior versions of the model — LTZ and Premier.

They will have a richer chrome decor and 17-inch alloy wheels.

Cabin of the truck has five seats, and upholstery with leatherette seats and a wide list of equipment.

Chevrolet Montana 2023.

Thus, there is an 8.0-inch multimedia display, climate control, Wi-Fi and six airbags.

For an additional fee you can order the audio system JBL with four speakers, a rearview camera with parktronic, as well as a button to start the engine.

Like the Tracker, the model is built on the GEM modular platform with a rear semi-independent suspension, but buffers were added to the springs, which allowed for increased rigidity when fully loaded.

In terms of dimensions the Chevrolet Montana 2023 is comparable with the «Brazilian» Renault Oroch pickup. It is 4,720 mm in length and 1,800 mm in width.

Chevrolet Montana 2023.

Cargo area of the model has a capacity of 874 liters (up to the upper edge of the boards).

It is equipped with standard partitions and additional boxes and shelves, allowing to divide it into several sections.

The truck is powered by a 1.2-liter «turbo» engine, known from the same Tracker.

It can run on ethanol, developing 133 hp and 210 Nm. On petrol the payoff is a little bit lower. You can choose either six-speed manual or classical automatic transmission.

Chevrolet Montana 2023.

Drive is front-wheel drive only. Mass production of the new Montana will be set up at the Brazilian plant in Sao Paulo, where previous generations of Montana trucks were produced.

The model should go on sale in February of the twenty-third year. Firstly the older versions will debut on the market.

So, LTZ model will cost from $ 25,900 (1.6 million rubles at current exchange rate). But then come the more affordable modifications.

In terms of size, the new pickup is close to the «Brazilian» models Renault Oroch and Fiat Toro.

Montana is based on the crossover Chevrolet Tracker. The pickup boasts a stylish «double-decker» optics with large block headlights and thin LEDs.

Chevrolet Montana 2023.

The interior has six airbags, seats upholstered in eco leather, climate control, Wi-Fi transmitter and modern multimedia.

The engine range of the pickup also got from donor crossover. This is a 1.2-liter 133-motor turbo, which runs on ethanol in Brazil.

The petrol version is slightly less powerful. Transmission is manual transmission or automatic transmission with six steps. But the drive doesn’t offer a choice — only front.

The third generation Chevrolet Montana is going to produce at the General Motors plant in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

The sales will start in February 2023. It is already possible to get a price for the novelty now: the LTZ version is priced at $25,900, which is almost 1.6 million rubles.


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