Chevrolet Tracker 2022 crossover.

Chevrolet Tracker 2022 crossover.

Chevrolet Tracker 2022 crossover.

Chevrolet Tracker 2022: audacious design and new platform.

At Shanghai Auto Show in 1926, a new generation of Chevrolet Tracker II was presented to the public, but its interior was hidden by fully tinted windows.

However, after a few weeks, Americans declassified the model completely, showing not only the interior, but also detailing the technical stuffing.

The new Chevrolet Tracker 2022 is more proportional than its predecessor, and the design became more aggressive.

The car has received narrow headlights, two-storey grille and angular bumper with vertical side slits, which housed LED dash lights.

In profile the crossover is remembered for its broken chamfered lines on the sides and the sill line raised to the stern.

The main innovations from behind are other lights and license plate area which has moved from the trunk lid to the bumper.

Chevrolet Tracker 2022 crossover.

In general, the exterior resembles the Blazer and Orlando models of the last generations.

The two-tone interior of the new Chevrolet Tracker 2021-2022 does not indulge in design refinements.

The dashboard has analog speedometer and tachometer scales, placed in deep wells, and the central console with 8.0-inch multimedia system display is turned to the driver’s side by seven degrees.

Chevrolet Tracker 2022 crossover.

The equipment includes a simple climate control with one working zone, but there is a panoramic roof.

The new Chevrolet Trucker 2022 is built on the global GEM platform, designed specifically for low-cost compact models.

The crossover is 4,270 mm long (+ 22), 1,791 mm wide (+ 15) and 1,602 mm high (- 85).

Wheelbase of the model grew to 2,570 millimeters (+ 15).

Chevrolet Tracker 2022 crossover.

Volume of the trunk below the shelf is now equal to 390 liters (+ 34), while the maximum capacity of the hold, on the contrary, decreased slightly.

If the predecessor could carry up to 1,372 liters of cargo, the new generation model is designed to carry only 1,334 liters of luggage.

The Chinese variant of the Chevrolet Tracker is equipped with a 1.0-liter «turbo» of 115 hp, which works in conjunction with a six-speed pre-selective robot.

Chevrolet Tracker 2022 crossover.

Eventually, a 1.3-liter three-cylinder unit with 165 horsepower will also be available for the new model.

Outside of Celestial Empire, all-terrain vehicle will have «turbo four» volume of 1,4-liter, which capacity is unknown yet.

Probably, the drive of the car is front-drive only, as the possibility of installing all-wheel drive transmission on the «bogie» GEM has not been confirmed yet.

In China, Chevrolet Tracker will be produced at a joint venture SAIC-GM, with the start of sales of the model on the local market is scheduled for summer of the nineteenth year.

Sell the crossover will also in Asia, South and North America, as well as in Australia, but to supply cars in Russia is not planned.

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