Chrysler 300 2025.

Chrysler 300 2025.

Chrysler 300 2025.

Despite falling sales, the Chrysler 300 awaits a major refresh.

The current generation of the Chrysler 300 sedan has been in production since 2011. Moreover, the car was last updated in 2015.

This is probably the reason why demand for the American sedan has declined recently. But despite the decline in popularity, Chrysler is not going to give it up.

It is reported that a large-scale modernization of the American model awaits. According to rumors, the 2026 Chrylser 300 will come out with a completely new engine lineup.

The American company earlier said that it intends to develop and release at least three electric cars in the next six years.

All models will be based on the STLA Large architecture, the creation of which has not yet been completed.

This «bogie», which is being developed by the Stellantis concern, is intended for large electric cars.

Chrysler 300 2025.

And one of them, according to industry sources, will be the new Chrysler 300.

Little is known about the American model. It will probably still have the square body that made it in demand on the home market for a few years.

Chrysler 300 2025.

However, the future Chrysler 300 will lose some characteristic elements like big headlights. It is reported that the American novelty will run at 800 volts.

It means the Chrysler 300 will get the most powerful electric motors, which are available at Stellantis.

Chrysler 300 2025.

In particular, the American novelty can get motors with maximum output from 201 to 443 hp. Batteries with a capacity of 101-108 kWh will be offered.

Cruising range of the American novelty will reach about 800 kilometers.

It is possible that the future Chrysler 300 will be created by the type of the concept Airflow Graphite, production version of which will debut in 2025.

Chrysler 300 2025.

The Stellantis Corporation is preparing an electric replacement for the «veteran» large sedans Chrysler 300 and Dodge Charger, both successors will be based on the STLA Large electric modular platform and will be able to travel 800 kilometers on one charge.

Rumors that the Chrysler 300 will have a successor have been circulating in the media since the beginning of the year, but now the Australian magazine Drive, citing insider information available to it, reports that the new Chrysler large sedan will appear in 2026, while the much more important for the market new Dodge Charger will arrive two years earlier, in 2024.

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