Chrysler 300C 2022.

Chrysler 300C 2022.

Chrysler 300C 2022.

2022 Chrysler 300C: What To Expect From This Car.

Quite a great business car that many small and medium business owners have bought.

Big, brutal, not whimsical enough American car.

But now 9 years have passed since the launch of the second generation of the car, which, by the way, has not gained much fame in Russia, and has been completely discontinued on sale in our market since 2014.

And then a couple of years ago there were rumors that Chrysler would completely close this 300c project.

Since recently, the sales of this model are completely unsatisfactory.

Chrysler 300C 2022.

And the company has not invested in the modernization and restyling of the model and is not going to do so in the future.

And then there was the first information that the third generation will still be.

But if this is true, then the company is just starting or will begin its work on a new sedan.

Therefore, you should not expect it in the near future. These are not the Chinese who can take a car out of a project for sale in just a year.

Therefore, expect a new Chrysler 300c on sale no earlier than 2022.

Chrysler 300C 2022.

Now the first renders have appeared, which show how the new Chrysler 300 from 2022 will look like.

They are based on some sketches and sketches of the new generation.

The render shows the main distinguishing features of the classic sedan.

This is a long hood, short overhangs. If you remember, the first generation stood out for its grille, which lost its greatness in the second generation.

Chrysler 300C 2022.

In its third version, a strong emphasis was placed on the radiator grill and now it has become quite serious again.

The front LED headlights, which have an almost closed circuit, also received an original design. It looks just gorgeous.

Chrysler 300C 2022.

The edging of the windows, which has a dark color and originates directly from the beginning of the hood, also received an interesting performance.

Such a peculiar two-tone color scheme. This has never been seen on more than one car brand.

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