Citroen DS4 2022.

Citroen DS4 2021.

Citroen DS4 2022.

Citroen DS4 2022. The second generation DS 4 hatchback is presented. Citroen’s first attempt to compete with premium golf-class hatchbacks was unsuccessful. Citroen DS4, which turned into DS 4 after restyling, was discontinued three years ago.

The company was in no hurry with the new model — it is presented only now. And although the developers are talking about a «new chapter», the concept of the «four» as a whole has remained the same.

With this hatchback, the French again want to compete with the Audi A3, BMW of the first series and the Mercedes A-class.

Inappropriate flirting with «compartment» is a thing of the past: the new DS 4 has «full» rear doors with power windows (in the last generation, the openings were small, and the windows were deaf).

But the outer door handles are now recessed, and the diode headlights have not only a matrix design (the electronics can flexibly control the light beam), but also a movable central module that rotates in a range of 33.5 degrees.

The hatchback has become noticeably larger: length — 4400 mm, width — 1830 mm. The wheelbase has been stretched from 2612 to 2675 mm. Although the height is still reduced from 1535 to 1470 mm.

The developers are very proud that the DS 4 has the largest wheels in the segment — 19 or 20 inches in diameter.

Citroen DS4 2021.

In addition to the basic hatchback, there are two themed versions. The Performance Line is a sporty black décor for everything.

Citroen DS4 2022.

The DS 4 Cross, on the other hand, differs not only in the blackened lower part of the body, but also in the roof rails and off-road settings for the driving electronics: the hill descent assistant has been added, and the traction control system has modes for sand, snow and mud.

The Quartet is built on the corporate modular platform EMP2, but almost 70% of its components are new.

For example, a more compact climate system has been installed, and the use of composite materials has been expanded.

Citroen DS4 2021.

And from the older models DS 7 Crossback and DS 9 got a suspension with electronically controlled shock absorbers, the stiffness of which changes preventively — based on data from the front camera scanning the roadway in front of the car.

The power units are unified with other models of the former PSA concern, which recently became part of the Stellantis alliance.

The range includes a 1.2 Puretech gasoline turbo engine (130 hp) and a 1.6 Puretech turbo four (180 or 225 hp), as well as a 1.5 BlueHDi turbodiesel (130 hp). All versions have an eight-speed «automatic» and front-wheel drive.

In addition, there is the DS 4 E-Tense plug-in hybrid: it has a 1.6 petrol engine (180 hp) working in tandem with an electric motor (110 hp), which is integrated into the same eight-speed gearbox.

Citroen DS4 2021.

In peak mode, they produce 225 hp, but there are also only two drive wheels. The traction battery with a capacity of 12.4 kWh should be enough for 50 km of run in electric mode (according to the WLTP cycle). In addition, the hybrid has a smaller trunk: 390 liters versus 430 liters for the petrol and diesel versions.

But the interior designers really tried to surprise. The central ventilation deflectors are disguised in a single block with a climate control panel, and the side vents are entirely moved to the doors.

The window regulator keys are installed in a vertical plane, there are no usual handles on the doors at all — you need to pull on the «window sill».

Leather, suede, wood veneer and carbon fiber are used for decoration (they are combined depending on the configuration), the seats can have ventilation and a built-in massager.

A tiny push-button panel on the central tunnel is responsible for controlling the transmission, and in front of it there is a separate five-inch touch panel for working with the media system, which you don’t even have to touch (just bring your fingers to the minimum distance).

The multimedia itself is with a ten-inch screen and wide online functionality. There is also a projector of instrument readings on the windshield (visually it seems that the image is hovering above the road about four meters in front of the car).

Citroen DS4 2021.

The optional Focal Electra audio system has fourteen speakers.

For DS 4, adaptive cruise control Drive Assist 2.0 is provided, which meets the second level of autonomy, can drive a car on the highway and overtake at the driver’s command.

Finally, the announced infrared night vision camera with a «range» of 200 meters, installed in the grille.
In Europe, sales of the second generation DS 4 hatchbacks will begin only in the fourth quarter of this year.

However, the DS brand is in no hurry to return to the Russian market: after the departure of the “first wave” models, sales have not resumed, although the DS 7 Crossback SUV was even certified.

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