Convertible based on Lexus LX570.

Convertible based on Lexus LX570.

Convertible based on Lexus LX570.

The UAE has built a convertible based on the Lexus LX570 for falconry.

The company from the United Arab Emirates has built an unusual cabriolet on the basis of the frame SUV Lexus LX570.

The car has lost its roof specifically for falconry, which is a common pastime in the UAE.

The SUV had all the roof pillars removed except the front ones. Between the first and second rows of seats there is a safety bar, which protects the passengers in case of rollover.

About the additional body reinforcement is not reported, a reviewer from the local YouTube-channel said that because of the removal of the roof SUV weighs less than a standard LX570 and better acceleration.

Tuners installed truncated front bumper to increase entry angle.

The engine hasn’t been updated: there’s a standard 5.7-liter V8 engine under the hood producing 362 hp and 530 Nm.

Convertible based on Lexus LX570.

The blogger states that stripped of its roof Lexus LX570 can be legally used on UAE roads. Price of the car or cost of its modification is not reported.

This is not the first time a Japanese SUV has been converted into a convertible. In 2016, a Lexus dealer in the UAE sold a LX570 with a soft top instead of the traditional metal roof.

This Lexus LX is built specifically for falconry.

A falconer from the United Arab Emirates has built a specialized version of the Lexus LX SUV.

Convertible based on Lexus LX570.

The most noticeable changes are the absence of a roof and a larger trunk lid.

The Lexus LX SUV is popular among off-road enthusiasts because it is as powerful and reliable as the Toyota LC version of this model, but more luxurious.

Although the LX has received quite a few modifications, we haven’t seen anything like it yet.

This is an updated version of the third-generation model produced in the 2016 model year.

Convertible based on Lexus LX570.

Built for falconry hunting, this specially designed LX has been completely stripped of its roof, as there is no folding top in the back.

Speaking of the rear, the tailgate is gone, as the SUV now has a sedan-style trunk lid with a third brake light.

It’s worth noting separately that the car doesn’t look too attractive, but it still offers some level of practicality after the fact.

The 5.7-liter un-supercharged V8 gasoline engine, also carried over from the LX 570, produces the same 362 horsepower and 530 Nm of torque.

Convertible based on Lexus LX570.

This is probably a bit faster than the production car, after what should have been a significant weight reduction after the top was removed.

The Lexus LX without a roof has a license plate and drives on public roads, which means the car is fully licensed and registered.

The SUV complies with United Arab Emirates regulations, and anyone interested in this conversion can «easily register it and get a license» in the UAE.

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