Cupra Tavascan Extreme E 2024.

Cupra Tavascan Extreme E 2024.

Cupra Tavascan Extreme E 2024.

The Cupra Tavascan Extreme E electric 2024 off-road racing vehicle is unveiled.

The Cupra Tavascan Extreme E electric concept developed together with ABT Sportsline has premiered at the IAA Mobility 2021 in Munich.

This prototype is also known under the name «e-CUPRA ABT XE1».

It is a racing off-road vehicle with an aggressive exterior design, high ground clearance and «teeth» wheels.

Curiously, its body is not made of popular in racing models carbon fiber, but of biocomposite, which contains, for example, linen fibers.

This material is about 10% heavier than carbon fiber, but it’s much more environmentally friendly — during its production the level of CO2 emissions into the atmosphere is almost 85% lower than while making the same carbon fiber.

The design of the concept involves many components made on a 3D printer (for example, headlight housings).

Cupra Tavascan Extreme E 2024.

The developers point out that this approach allows simplifying the process of repair of the car as it is possible to print out the necessary elements in just six hours.

The Cupra Tavascan Extreme E Concept is powered by two electric motors (one on each axle).

Their total output reaches 306 hp. Due to this SUV is able to accelerate from a place to a hundred in about 4.0 seconds.

A traction battery with a capacity of 54 kWh is located in the rear of the platform.

Cupra Tavascan Extreme E 2024.

It is reported that in the near future the car can be seen in the experimental racing series Extreme E, races which take place on off-road.

At the same time the prototype is a precursor to the Cupra Tavascan production model, the market launch of which is scheduled for 2024.

The production model is expected to be built on Volkswagen’s MEB platform.

Technically there is not much in common between the shown concept and production model but the cars will be similar stylistically.

Cupra has shown a new off-road vehicle for the Extreme E Championship.

Its body is made of biocomposite and headlight housings are 3D-printed.

Cupra Tavascan Extreme E 2024.

The Cupra company has brought a racing off-road vehicle Tavascan Extreme E Concept to the IAA Mobillity motor show in Munich.

Next year this car will be at the start of the new season of the championship Extreme E, but now the manufacturer is ready to reveal only some of its features and differences from the «first generation» prototype.

As before, the basis for the «fighting» Extreme E cars is the Spark Odyssey 21 buggy, built by Spark Racing Technology.

The ABT Cupra XE team, like the other Extreme E series competitors, competes on the Odyssey 21 prototype from Spark Racing Technology.

Cupra Tavascan Extreme E 2024.

The SUVs differ from each other externally, but are technically identical.

The niobium-alloyed steel tubular frame buggies have two electric motors with a combined output of 558 horsepower, 54 kilowatt-hours of batteries (only 40 kWh are used), and can accelerate from a place to a hundred in 4.5 seconds.

The current «battle» prototype of ABT and Cupra is called e-CUPRA ABT XE1. The new one will probably be named after the second production electric car of the brand — a coupe-like crossover Tavascan.

The model will hit the market in 2024 and will be similar to its racing namesake in some ways.

For now, Cupra boasts that it has completely redesigned the front and rear of the SUV, and printed the headlight housings, with triangles running lights, like the UrbanRebel hatchback, on a 3D printer.

Such parts can be made in just six hours. Cupra considers this design feature as its competitive advantage: replacing headlights in case of an accident will take very little time, as well as their adaptation to changing the position of the light source.

Another «chip» of the Tavascan Extreme E Concept, but this time related to ecology, is body panels made of biocomposite, which contains flax fibers. Porsche uses the same on its 1100-horsepower Mission R.

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