Dacia jogger 2022.

Dacia jogger 2022.

Dacia jogger 2022.

Dacia jogger 2022. The Dacia brand has only one presentation planned for 2022, which is part of the Renaulution development plan.

That single new model, as expected, is the 2022 Jogger station wagon, which has been spotted on tests a number of times this past spring.

This car can not be called «developed from scratch», because it was the result of a natural development of the model Dacia Logan MCV, but even simpler — it appeared as a third-generation station wagon based on Logan, only now it is presented as a separate model.

Dacia Jogger was created according to a well-established scheme: a donor in the form of a sedan received stretched wheelbase and enlarged body — also stretched, starting from the central pillar, with a higher roof and a stern in the style of a station wagon.

In contrast to Logan MCV, this car will be not only five-seater, but also with the third row of passenger seats.

In such modifications, the rear windows will be turned into vents, and another common difference from the former combo-logan will be a lift-up trunk door instead of two hinged doors.

Dacia jogger 2022.


The front end of the Dacia Jogger 2022 station wagon body exactly resembles the Sandero Stepway.

Due to this, as well as a large plastic dodger on wheel arches and the same black massive rails, the car looks «offroad.

At the back the Jogger is decorated by vertical lights a la Volvo and «clean» bumper with a wide diffuser.

The trunk lid still has a black placket, under which the license plate area is located. And above it the name of the brand will now flaunt.

The length of the new station wagon is 4.55 meters (179 inches), which makes the Jogger the longest representative of the current Dacia lineup.

Dacia jogger 2022.

Of course, this is done primarily for the possibility of installing a third row of seats, while with the five-seat layout in the trunk appears 708 liters of free space.

After removing the backs of the sofa, the volume of luggage compartment will increase up to impressive 1819 liters.


The interior of the novelty does not present any surprises, because it offers the usual layout with the «applied» central screen and a modest design of the central tunnel.

Dacia jogger 2022.

It is noteworthy that the cheapest wagon modification will go without multimedia display, which will be replaced by a cell phone holder.

In this case, under the visor «dashboard» will be analog scales, but the control panel for climate will be borrowed from more expensive and status Renault, so it will have rotary knobs with small LED displays.

The initial version is also equipped with a multi steering wheel and rain and light sensors. Of course, in the «top» option car will represent a qualitatively different class of universal cars.

Dacia jogger 2022.

Technical stuffing and characteristics

Following the new Sandero, Logan and Sandero Stepway Dacia Jogger station wagon will use gasoline and gas engines.

Engines for «heavy» fuel are unified, and the main powerplant will be a new 1.0-liter «three» rated at 110 hp.

It will be equipped with a manual, while the manufacturer has not said anything about an automatic yet.

Most likely, the range of internal combustion engines and transmissions will be significantly expanded in the future, and now the company has a three-cylinder petrol engine on the Jogger, which can consume both gasoline and liquefied gas.

It is reported that it is possible to drive not less than 1000 km.

Will it come out in Russia?

The first European sales of Dacia Jogger are planned for the beginning of 2022.

Before that the car will be shown at the IAA Motor Show in Munich.

It is expected that at this «live» presentation manufacturer will announce its plans to sell new cars on export markets, but in Russia it is not worth waiting for a station wagon, because here we do not have a brand Dacia, and models Logan and Sandero sold under the brand name Renault.

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