Dacia Logan 2022.

Dacia Logan 2022.

It is a coincidence that many motorists in Russia, as well as outside of it, are forced to look for options to buy inexpensive cars, which could distinguish themselves with reliability, good equipment and quite acceptable appearance.

Among the companies, producing such cars immediately comes to mind Renault. French concern really produces and sells budget «people’s» cars and Logan is a striking example.

The model is focused on developing markets, including Europe, though here the car is sold under Dacia brand, namely Dacia Logan 2022.

Auto in the third generation can be called a competitor for Lada Vesta, Volkswagen Polo, Skoda Rapid and Hyundai Solaris.

The model is available in three configurations at a price of 753,000 — 952,000 rubles for Access and Comfort versions in the base without «extras».

Technical Specifications

French model in the Romanian version Dacia Logan 2022. in the new body can finally boast a spectacular appearance, which you can evaluate by photo in the article.

However, along with interesting options and a reasonable price, most of all stand out the technical characteristics of the car, which differ markedly depending on the selected power unit. It is worth noting that the model, depending on the generation, can be put on four units at once:

Dacia Logan 2022.

1.0-liter gasoline «atmospheric» for 65 horsepower;

A 0.9-liter turbocharged petrol engine with 90 powers;

0.9-liter turbo engine with 100 horsepower;

0.9-liter turbocharged LPG motor with 90 horsepower.

It is worth mentioning that the basic lineup of motors is available for buyers to choose from in richer versions. In the «base» model is put only 1.0-liter «atmospheric».

As standard, the cars Logan from the manufacturer Dacia, put a 5-speed manual gearbox, as well as a variator and 6-band «mechanics» in variations with turbocharged engines.

All, the models on sale are equipped with a system of drive on the front axle.

The car in the third generation is distinguished by not the worst dynamics.

Despite the small-capacity engines on the highway model quite confidently reaches the «maximum power», which is limited to 160 — 186 km / h depending on the chosen unit.

Also with regard to this car can be distinguished striking cost-effectiveness. On average, per 100 kilometers the «Frenchman» in the Romanian version will spend 4.8 — 6.5 liters of fuel.

Dacia Logan 2022.

It is possible to use gasoline of AI-95 brand. There are available engines that run on gas.

For its class Logan has quite familiar dimensions. In length the car reaches 4,396 mm, in width — 1,848 mm, in height — 1,501 mm. Wheelbase of this model is 2 649 mm.

Clearance — 161 mm. Five-seater sedan received a spacious interior and a roomy trunk of 628 liters. The fuel tank holds 50 liters of fuel, providing an impressive range without refueling.

Depending on the modification, curb weight ranges from 1,016 to 1,124 kg.

Options and prices

At the moment in Europe, the «budget» Dacha Logan 2022 in dealer showrooms is presented in three configurations: Access, Essential and Comfort. All configurations are customizable and their price depends directly on the selected equipment. In the «base» cars in the most affordable and the most expensive options will cost buyers 8.7 — 11 thousand euros or 753,000 — 952,000 rubles.

In the «base» this car can only be bought with a 1.0-liter «atmospheric» at 65 horsepower and a 5-speed «manual». Costs such a car 753,000 rubles.

As a standard, the equipment of this car, even in the basic modification, the manufacturer has included some systems responsible for traffic control, including ABS, ESP, EBD and HSA.

Dacia Logan 2022.

In this configuration in the «base» without «additional» car Dacia Logan 2022 will cost the potential buyer in 887,000 rubles with a 1.0-liter «atmospheric» and a 5-speed «mechanics».

Variations with 0.9-liter gasoline engines with 90 and 100 horsepower will cost more.

In addition to the already mentioned options the manufacturer has included: lighting in the luggage compartment, electric rear windows, LCD information display on the dashboard, sound system with 2 speakers, air conditioning and cruise control.

The cost of the car in this configuration starts from 11 thousand Euro or 952 000 roubles depending on the chosen power unit and additional equipment.

Dacia Logan 2022.

In «base» the car in addition to a set of options available in previous variations gets climate control, electronic parking brake, multifunctional steering wheel, 16-inch alloy wheels, 4-speaker acoustics, rain sensor, heated front seats and front fog lights.

All other, more interesting equipment can be ordered as «extras».


The updated sedan in the third generation is strikingly different from its predecessors.

This model now has a really thoughtful and elaborate design, rather than exterior design done on a computer without human input.

The car looks attractive around the whole perimeter of the body, but most of all, the attention deserves front part with unusual optics and massive radiator grille.

In the current performance the car is definitely not inferior to its «classmates».

Unfortunately, the abundance of design innovations mainly affects only the exterior of the model. The interior of the car is still quite boring, simple with an emphasis on practicality.

There are no decorative elements and involved the standard design, which is constantly used by the manufacturer Renault in its cars.

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