Dacia-Renault Logan / Sandero 2021.

Dacia-Renault Logan / Sandero 2021.

Dacia-Renault Logan / Sandero 2021.

Dacia-Renault Logan / Sandero 2021: the third generation of the family.
Renault has officially unveiled the updated 2021 Logan / Sandero family. New items have so far debuted under the subsidiary brand Dacia, which is used to sell cars in Europe.

The transition to the third generation marked a radical revision of all three models of the line — the Logan sedan, the Sandero hatchback and the «off-road» version of the Sandero Stepway.

Cars have moved to a new platform, increased in size, received a fresh body design and acquired more advanced equipment. In general, the developers tried to modernize the line as much as possible and increase its attractiveness for the buyer.

Sales of the new Dacia-Renault Logan / Sandero 2021 will start on the European market in December this year at a price of 7.6 thousand euros.

In Russia, completely different cars are sold under the Logan / Sandero names, so we are not getting new items. However, the modernization of Russian models is also not far off, and they can borrow something from their fellows in Europe. Therefore, below we will analyze in detail the metamorphoses that have occurred with the family. Well, we will also present video reviews of all three cars.

Dacia-Renault Logan / Sandero 2021.

Changes in appearance

The change of the B0 platform to the new CMF bogie resulted in a noticeable adjustment to the body dimensions. In the Logan sedan, the wheelbase has increased by 14 mm (up to 2649 mm), and the total length by 38 mm (up to 4396 mm).

The width of the four-door immediately added 115 mm, reaching 1848 mm. Only the height has become smaller — 1501 mm instead of the previous 1517 mm. Logan’s ground clearance was 161 mm.

The Dacia-Renault Sandero hatchback has also become larger, but, as before, it is inferior to the sedan in the size of the wheelbase. Now the center distance at the five-door is 2604 mm (+15 mm), and the length is 4088 mm (+19 mm).

The cross-version of the Sandero Stepway has dimensions of 4099x1848x1535 mm. It is 36 mm higher than the usual hatchback (taking into account the roof rails — by 88 mm) and at the same time has an increased ground clearance by 39 mm (201 versus 162 mm).

Dacia-Renault Logan / Sandero 2021.

The entire updated trio looks much more interesting in appearance than its predecessors. Changed proportions, new headlamps with swept sections of navigation lights and more embossed sidewalls are beneficial.

Front LED optics come standard with a range of up to 110 meters and automatic switching between high / low beam. The size of the rims for any of the versions is 15-16 inches.

Interior and equipment

The interior of the Dacia Logan / Sandero models has been extensively redesigned. Ergonomics have improved due to the adjustable in two planes of the steering column, deployed towards the driver of the center console and a shortened gearshift control lever.

The dashboard and air conditioning unit have also been revised. The classic parking brake handle has been replaced by an electronic parking brake button.

In the initial configurations, cars are equipped with the Media Control multimedia system, which does not have its own display, but provides for a special mount for a smartphone. Having fixed the gadget in the holder, the driver can connect it to the car via USB and Bluetooth.

True, you must first install a special application on your mobile device. Expensive versions of Logan / Sandero already receive a full-fledged multimedia Media Display with an 8-inch touchscreen, support for Apple CarPlay and Android Auto technologies, and six speakers. The most sophisticated performances also rely on the navigator.

Other equipment available to the novelties includes heated front seats, a rear-view camera, a rain sensor, parking sensors in the front and rear, a panoramic sunroof (will appear on hatchbacks in 2021).

Dacia-Renault Logan / Sandero 2021.

The range of electronic assistants has been expanded. Cruise control with a speed limiter is on by default, but in addition to it, emergency braking (operates in the range of 7-170 km / h) and monitoring of «blind» zones (30-140 km / h). Six airbags and pretensioner belts in both rows of seats are standard equipment.

After modernization, the Logan sedan and Sandero hatchback became more hospitable to the rear seat passengers. Here, not only the headroom has increased in the shoulder area, but an additional 42 mm has been added in the knee area.

Plus, the four-door has got rear folding tables with adjustable overhang. And, finally, we got to the trunk. He added a little in volume to all members of the family. Logan’s cargo hold now holds 528 liters of luggage (+18 liters), Sandero and Sandero Stepway — 328 liters (+8 liters).

Specifications Dacia Logan / Sandero 2021

The suspension configuration of the models, despite the platform change, remained the same: the classic MacPherson strut is used in the front, and a semi-independent scheme in the back.

Dacia-Renault Logan / Sandero 2021.

At the same time, the hydraulic power steering was retired, and an electric one was installed in its place. It requires 36% less steering effort. The drum brakes on the rear wheels are preserved.

The engine range of Dacia-Renault Sandero and Logan has been radically revised. If earlier there were diesel engines, now only gasoline units with three cylinders.

The «youngest» is a naturally aspirated 1.0 SCe engine (65 hp), followed by a 1.0 TCe turbo engine (90 hp), and completing the lineup is a 100 hp 1.0-liter bi-fuel engine that can run on propane.

All powertrains comply with the Euro 6D-Full environmental standard (effective January 1, 2021) and are equipped with a Start / Stop system.

The available gearboxes are 5MKPP, 6MKPP and a variator. The cars are only front-wheel drive.

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