De Tomaso P900 2024.

De Tomaso P900 2024.

De Tomaso P900 2024.

The De Tomaso P900 hypercar will have the most environmentally friendly V12.

The De Tomaso P900 is a track-less hypercar (not allowed on public roads) based on the same chassis and carbon fiber monocoque as the P72.

The aerodynamic dodger became more massive and spectacular, the rear wing is made adjustable on the model of DRS system of Formula 1 race cars. But the main difference from the base car is hidden behind the seats.

The next revival of the Italian De Tomaso brand took place in 2019, when a prototype of the P72 supercar with a Ford V8 engine was presented.

The start of small-scale production was then planned for 2020, but due to the pandemic, the strategy was revised and the deadline was pushed back.

The production site in the U.S. was not held, but at the beginning of this year it was announced about the cooperation with Capricorn holding, which produces components for racing cars.

De Tomaso P900 2024.

Construction of a joint factory is already underway which will be located near the track Nürburgring, and in the beginning of 2023 here should begin production of commercial supercars De Tomaso P72. In the meantime, another model has been announced.

De Tomaso P900 2024.

Within the base is a V12 engine, and allegedly of its own design!

The company calls it the world’s first carbon-neutral V12 engine, as it can run on synthetic fuel.

De Tomaso P900 2024.

Thus, De Tomaso is trying to bypass the economizers and retain the classic internal combustion engine with its inimitable sound.

The 6.2-liter engine has no supercharger and no electric add-ons.

It is relatively compact and light (220 kg). The engine produces 990 hp and can rotate up to 12300 rpm.

De Tomaso P900 has rear-wheel drive and sequential gearbox Xtrac. The dry weight of the car is only 900 kg.

De Tomaso P900 2024.

But other characteristics haven’t been specified yet because the car itself isn’t ready yet.

The first driving sample will be presented only in spring 2023 and to complete development and fine-tuning of the hypercar will need about a year and a half, so commercial coupes will appear only by the end of 2024.

Eighteen copies will be produced, the price of each — 3 million dollars.

But there’s a trick. For those who want the car earlier, the De Tomaso company is ready to build a copy with a Judd V10 engine, taken off an old Benetton Formula 1 team car.

Such a hypercar will be really unique, and it will be possible to buy it already next summer.

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