DeLorean Alpha5 2023.

DeLorean Alpha5 2023.

DeLorean Alpha5 2023.

The reborn DeLorean has revealed the Alpha2 production launch.

The CEO of reborn DeLorean brand said in an interview that a production version of the recently revealed DeLorean Alpha2 electric car will likely be produced in «a very small run.»

In May, we first learned about the DeLorean Alpha5 2024. The company, which returned to activity, was able to get people’s attention with the car’s sleek shape and its gull-wing style doors.

The model officially debuted as a concept at Monterey Car Week.

Earlier, the automaker released images of its model. The big electric coupe will be available for viewing on Sunday.

In addition, earlier DeLorean showed images of three more concept cars, whose design features are used in the Alpha5.

They caused a lot of controversy. The brand’s CEO said that these concepts use designs that we’ve seen over the past 40 years.

One of the models is a sports car that could be called the successor to the real DMC-12.

DeLorean Alpha5 2023.

A luxury sedan was also shown, as well as an SUV that uses hydrogen fuel cells. We saw all of this last month, but now it’s not known if actual development is moving forward or if these cars will forever remain computer graphics.

As for the Alpha5, Italdesign was involved in its creation. The model has «gull wing» type doors.

DeLorean Alpha5 2023.

DeLorean says the coupe is fully electric and is capable of accelerating to the first «hundred» in just 2.99 seconds. The top speed is electronically limited to 250 km/h.

The four-seater has all-wheel drive and a range of more than 482 kilometers. Power for the transmission comes from a 100 kWh battery.

We don’t know the number of electric motors and their location. The price is also unknown, but it was previously said that only 88 units of this car will be produced.

DeLorean Alpha5 2023.

Therefore, we can assume that it will cost quite a lot. We will get more information closer to 2024, when Alpha5 will start to go on sale.

Some time ago, DMC also unveiled the Alpha3 and Alpha4 concepts.

The former was conceived as a big electric sedan from the mid-2000s, and the latter was a 2013 SUV with hydrogen powertrain.

DeLorean Alpha5 2023.

Not so long ago, our edition wrote about the fact that the revived DeLorean showed live a prototype of electric car Alpha5.

The revived DeLorean brand announced that it was preparing a new electric car in February of this year. The first renders of the future battery-powered novelty appeared in May.

The official presentation of the running prototype of the Alpha5 was held this week in Pebble Beach, California, as part of a traditional automotive «elegance contest.»


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