Denza X 2023.

Denza X 2023.

Denza X 2023.

Cars produced by automakers from the Celestial Empire are becoming more and more common on the Russian market.

After many Western brands refused to sell their models in our country, the Chinese car industry is trying to take the leading position here.

The day before on the roads of the Vladimir region was spotted crossover Denza X 2023, which is a joint product of BYD and German Mercedes-Benz.

If we talk about the crossover itself, it is a redesigned version of the BYD Tang model, released in 2018.

The differences in the exterior and interior between the two cars are minimal.

The Russian owner of the parkette has replaced the original factory nameplate with a badge from Mercedes.

In general, such a decision is quite logical, since in its appearance the car almost does not differ from the models that are produced by the German brand.

Denza X 2023.

Dimensions of the Denza X body is 4890x1950x1725 mm, and its center distance reaches 2820 mm.

The car itself is offered in hybrid and electric versions.

The first option is available with a 2-liter turbo engine, giving 192 horsepower, as well as two electric units for 150 and 245 «horses».

Denza X 2023.

The version with an electric motor, depending on whether the crossover is offered with front or all-wheel drive, is completed with one or two units, the output of 245 hp.

Depending on the type of battery installed on the crossover, it is able to cover 500-520 km of distance on a single charge.

The cost of the car in China is in the range from 2.7 to 3.2 million rubles in equivalent.

At what price the Russian motorist purchased this parketnik — is not known.

We note that this car is not officially represented at Russian dealers. At what price the owner purchased the car is unknown.

Denza X 2023.

In recent years in our country there is a huge shortage of new cars, so Russians are trying to look for alternative ways to buy cars.

Note that the Denza X is actually a crossover BYD Tang with a modified exterior.

In the Russian sample we can see one interesting difference — the presence of Mercedes nameplate.

The owner made it himself. The crossover is quite dimensional — with a length of 4 890 mm its wheelbase reaches 2 820 mm.

Interestingly, the Denza X is not sold with a classical engine. There is a hybrid version — it is based on a 2.0-liter turbocharged engine and completed by two electric motors.

Denza X 2023.

Fully electric modification is equipped with either one or two electric motors.

Cruising range of such a car reaches 520 km. If we start with the price of the car in China and the current exchange rate, then in Russia the price of the Denza X is in the range of 2.7-3.2 million rubles.

However, it is possible that the current owner of the car cost much more.

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