Dodge Magnum by George Barris.

Dodge Magnum by George Barris.

Dodge Magnum by George Barris.

A unique Dodge Magnum with George Barris tuning is for sale.

George Barris, primarily known as the creator of the original Batmobile, is the author of many curious modifications, and now one of his cars is for sale.

The question is about the photographed Dodge Magnum from 2005 which has got a lot of unique features thanks to the famous American master.

Dodge Magnum by George Barris.

Thus, the modification has a two-tone body painting, where the lower orange part is effectively combined with the upper gray.

The car also boasts a chrome grille and electrically operated sunroof. In addition, this Magnum is equipped with scissor doors (as in Lamborghini) and huge custom wheels.

But the interior is more down-to-earth, with a standard design of the front panel and center console.

Lamborghini-style hinges allow all four doors to go up.

The car itself has a four-way air suspension and huge custom wheels.

Dodge Magnum by George Barris.

The combination of yellow and silver colors looks quite organic, and the taillights with slots become a decoration of the stern.

The grille is also completely custom and has a bright chrome finish and a waterfall-style V-shaped design.

The interior of the car has gold and black suede seats, and the door cards get gold decor.

Dodge Magnum by George Barris.

Otherwise, the interior of this Magnum is standard, including the entire dashboard, center console and gauges.

At that, George Barris used golden-black suede for the interior trimming.

Dodge Magnum by George Barris.

It covers not only the seats, but also the door cards. The car is powered by a standard 250 horsepower V6 engine, though the sales announcement says that the unit has been supplemented with a custom intake system.

Plus the modification is equipped with air suspension «all-round».

Dodge Magnum by George Barris.

Interestingly, this Dodge Magnum once lit up in a TV show, which was dedicated to Barris’ cars.

That show featured actor Joe Mantegna, and later, the car also took part in a photo shoot with a member of the music band «The Black Eyed Peas».

Now, such a remarkable modification is for sale on the «Motoexotica» portal.

The car has mileage of 25,496 miles (41,000 km), and ready to voice its price only to interested customers (by phone).


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