Dodge Stratus Coupe II.

Dodge Stratus Coupe II.

Dodge Stratus Coupe II.

Dodge Stratus Coupe II is a youth version.
The second generation stratus has become a revelation of the American automotive industry. This car made it possible to look from a different angle at how a car from the USA should look like. The model embodied a fresh look at design and ride quality, while remaining American-style unpretentious and well-equipped.

But Dodge wanted the model to be as diverse as possible, so it was offered in two body styles: sedan and coupe. The latter was aimed at young and active buyers, but did such a car meet expectations?

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The official debut of the second generation Dodge Stratus took place at the Chicago Motor Show in the winter of 2000. The premiere was attended by two body modifications of the model: a four-door sedan and a two-door coupe.

However, by and large, there was not so much in common between the two cars — only engines and design. The fundamental difference between the new products was the difference in platforms — the four-door Dodge Stratus is based on the Chrysler Scoring Sport Sedan platform, while the Coupe version is based on the Mitsubishi Galant.

Dodge Stratus Coupe II.

This predetermined the different positioning of cars on the market and made it possible to set clearer priorities among buyers: the sedan was created for family people who value comfort and spaciousness, the coupe — for fans of active driving and aggressive design.

The Dodge Stratus Coupe has gained widespread popularity in the market. At the same time, in 2003, the model underwent a slight restyling, which allowed reviving interest in it and bringing sales to a new level. The update mostly affected the design.

Outside, the shape of the hood air intake, the configuration of the bumpers and optics of the head lighting, the brake lights at the stern have changed. As for the interior, it has a new steering wheel and a redesigned dashboard, as well as improved trim materials.

The list of equipment for the Dodge Stratus coupe is as follows:

Frontal airbags.
Electric windows for the driver, front passenger.
Central locking.
Servos, heated side mirrors.
Fog lights.
A standard audio system with the ability to read CDs / CD changer.
Electric adjustment of the driver’s seat.
Light-alloy wheels.
Air conditioning.
Leather interior upholstery.
Anti-lock braking system (ABS).
Seat belt not fastened sensor.
Cruise control.
On-board computer.
Multifunctional steering wheel.

The average price of a Dodge Stratus Coupe in the secondary car market is 210 thousand rubles. The cost of some copies of the model can go up to 340 thousand rubles.

Dodge Stratus Coupe II.


The power range of the Dodge Stratus consists of two gasoline engines:

1. Engine 2.4 liters. The rated power output is 149 horsepower.
2. Power unit 3.0 liters. Capable of generating 203 horsepower.

The basic transmission for each of the engines is a five-speed «mechanics». But there is an alternative to it in the form of a four-speed automatic transmission.

The Dodge Stratus Coupe is based on a front-wheel drive platform from Mitsubishi Galant. Therefore, the suspension is completely independent, and the axle braking system is disc.


The owners of this American car often resort to its modernization. Basically, the braking system requires improvements, since it is not able to function effectively under prolonged loads. In addition, it makes sense to strengthen the suspension due to its low energy consumption and strong body rolls when cornering.

Styling is also not the last place in the tuning culture. Many people install more efficient light optics. As for the body of the Dodge Stratus Coupe, here the matter is often limited to applying airbrushing or vinyl film to it.

Dodge Stratus Coupe II.

Personal experience

The owners of the American coupe are actively sharing their feedback on the operation on the Internet. They are contained on sites that are dedicated to this model.

Dodge Stratus Coupe became my second car in my life. Before him, he owned a domestic sedan of the Zhiguli family, so there is nothing to compare with.

Mileage at the time of purchase was 100 thousand miles. Now the odometer shows 145 thousand miles. The car was initially in a satisfactory technical condition, but the body needed a touch-up.

During operation, I had to change:

Front shock absorber struts, anti-roll bar.
Air conditioning compressor.
Fuel pump.
Ignition module.

The Dodge Stratus Coupe is quite comfortable for everyday use. The two-liter engine pulls well, while it is quite economical — on average, it turns out to consume 8 liters of fuel. The salon is designed for five people, and the luggage compartment allows you to carry enough overall luggage.

In general, I am satisfied with the American coupe and do not plan to sell it yet. I hope that it will serve me faithfully for a long time.

Dodge Stratus Coupe II.

Test Drive

External appearance

The body of the Dodge Stratus Coupe has rounded features, but at the same time the car itself looks quite aggressive. It is worth noting a low roof with wide struts, a front bumper with large air intakes and a cruciform radiator grill, a hood with expressive lines and a taut stern.

As for the utilitarian properties, the good geometric cross-country ability of the coupe provides a clearance of 150 millimeters, which allows you to safely climb curbs.

Inner space

The interior is decorated in a Spartan style. Here you will not see a spectacular instrument cluster or luxurious finishing materials, although we must admit that the interior is assembled quite neatly.

The instrument cluster with a white background and black digitization is perfectly readable. The on-board computer provides only the necessary information, but this is enough to get an idea of ​​the current route.

On the center console there is a standard audio system unit. It produces good sound at an average volume, the system is quite functional. As for the air conditioning system, it is regulated by means of rotating toggle switches, the control of which is intuitive.

The driver’s seat with a wide setting of the side support rollers is somewhat imposing. It is quite convenient when traveling long distances, and additional comfort is created by a high central armrest tunnel, on which the transmission selector is very well located.

Climbing into the back row is not very convenient due to the narrow gap between the front seats and the B-pillars.

But those who managed to get there will surely appreciate a fairly spacious sofa and sufficient legroom. The luggage compartment volume is 462 liters, which is enough for everyday use.

Engine and chassis

The three-liter powertrain can be praised for decent traction at low and medium revs. The car pleases with good acceleration, but it is inconvenient to control the capabilities of the motor due to the delayed responses of the accelerator pedal.

In addition, the automatic transmission can be jerky when shifting, which is not very good for the ride. In this case, the manual gearbox will help out with a well-matched gear ratio of the main pair and a high precision of gear shifting, although the travel of the clutch pedal in this case is still too large.

The steering lacks more responsiveness when maneuvering. Although this is not capable of spoiling the driver’s attitude of the chassis. The car is quite stable both on a straight line and in corners, while the rolls are more than moderate, and the steering behavior is neutral.

The suspension with short travels is stiff and works out bumps with a noticeable shaking. Moreover, when the cabin is loaded, it does not work at the limit, which can lead to breakdowns of the shock absorber struts.


The second generation Dodge Stratus Coupe is truly capable of appealing to young and active drivers. It attracts with an interesting exterior design, good handling and a spacious interior.

The weaknesses of the Dodge include mediocre ride comfort, as well as the poor quality of interior materials.

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