DongFeng Shine Max 2023.

DongFeng Shine Max 2023.

DongFeng Shine Max 2023.

Chinese auto giant DongFeng will bring a new Shine Max sedan to the market.

The novelty will compete with the popular Asian sedans Toyota Camry and Kia K5. In the meantime, the “passenger” model range of DongFeng is represented by the only 580 crossover.

In the near future, the Chinese brand DongFeng will offer a new Shine Max sedan. Such a conclusion could be made by visitors to the official website of the automaker.

In the lineup section, you can now see the new Shine Max sedan with the inscription «Coming soon».

On the main page, a banner makes the same announcement. So far, nothing has been said about the specification of the novelty for Russia. It is obvious that sedans will be delivered to us from China.

In the home market, DongFeng Shine Max is branded as Aeolus and bears the name Yixuan Max.

According to the parameters, it belongs to the D-class: length 4797 mm with a wheelbase of 2770 mm. In China, a sedan can have a gasoline or hybrid engine.

In the first case, the “four-door” relies on a 1.5-liter 190-horsepower “turbo four” and a 7-speed “robot” with two “wet” clutches.

DongFeng Shine Max 2023.

The hybrid is based on a 163-horsepower gasoline turbo engine of the same volume. Its return is 177 horsepower. Drive one — front.

The list of options includes LED optics, a sunroof, digital tidy, multimedia, climate control with a separate touchscreen, adaptive cruise control and useful driver assistants.

DongFeng Shine Max 2023.

Neither the characteristics nor the configuration of the “four-door” for Russia have yet been published, but due to the fact that we did not talk about the local production of DongFeng, these sedans will be delivered directly from China.

At home, DongFeng Shine Max is sold under the brand name Aeolus (“daughter” of DongFeng) and is called a little differently — Yixuan Max.

DongFeng Shine Max 2023.

In terms of dimensions, this sedan, like the Chery Arrizo 8 expected in Russia, corresponds to the D-class: its length, width and height are 4797, 1870 and 1475 millimeters, respectively, and the wheelbase is 2770 millimeters.

In China, Shine Max/Yixuan Max has two versions: petrol and hybrid.

The first is equipped with a 1.5-liter turbo four with a capacity of 190 hp. (300 Nm) and a seven-speed «robot» with two «wet» clutches.

DongFeng Shine Max 2023.

The second is based on a 1.5-liter 163-horsepower gasoline turbo engine, which, together with the electric superstructure, produces 177 hp. and 300 Nm of torque. The drive in both versions is only the front.

The functional equipment of the novelty from DongFeng is notable for full LED optics, a sunroof, two large screens in the cabin (digital instrument cluster and multimedia), climate control with touch controls, adaptive cruise control and a number of other modern electronic assistants.

In the domestic market, DongFeng Shine Max costs a minimum of 93,900 yuan or 1,065,000 rubles. With us, such sedans will teach prices 2-2.5 times higher.

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