DS 3 Crossback 2021.

DS 3 Crossback 2021.

DS 3 Crossback 2021.

DS 3 Crossback 2021: a small city car with great opportunities.
Independent experts are considering a new version of the subcompact premium city car — DS 3 Crossback 2021 — as a versatile personal transport adapted to urban use, as well as for long journeys at all stages of outdoor activities.

The new model demonstrates in its constructive elements of a futuristic body design, premium functionality of technical and modern electronic equipment, economical running gear and, most importantly, the operating characteristics of engine components.

In the new edition, the city car acquired original design and technological developments, «moved» to a new CMP bogie, deep restyling also had a positive effect on the parameters of road comfort and safety systems.


The new body of the city car confidently demonstrates the main features of the brand style. In the photo and advertising videos in the front view, the DS 3 Series Crossback of the 2021 model looks the most vivid and expressive.

DS 3 Crossback 2021.

In the spotlight:

• aerodynamic stepped profiles converging to the front edge of the hood;

• complicated for initial perception configuration of matrix-LED frontal optics;

• a hexagonal array of coarse-mesh radiator cladding decorated with chrome plating.

In the lower segment of the front end, the vertical contours of the ventilation diffusers and the figured metal-plastic body kit look great.

Branding and stepped body relief elements are presented as decor.
No less presentable and stylish is the new version of the city car in the profile projection.

Design solutions are interesting in their own way, in particular:

• tonal and color contrast of the glossy black roof and massive window pillars with painted bodywork;

• wedge-shaped mirrors and a compact format of stylish door handles recessed into the body;

• a variety of wave and stepped reliefs on the sidewalls of the body and geometrically correct contours of the wheel arches.

Part of the decorative functions is carried by the protective lining of the lower perimeter of the case made of unpainted plastic and the original pattern of light-alloy 17-inch wheels.

The premium DS 3 Crossback 2021 looks dynamic and somewhat sporty from the back. The crossover layout is visible in the presence of a spoiler visor supplemented with stop lights, a steep slope of the compact window and a vertical edge of the tailgate.

DS 3 Crossback 2021.

The list of structural features of the stern includes a set of vertical outlet diffusers, a silver frame connected by a decorative overlay of multifunctional lamps.

In the configuration of the protruding bumper there is a massive body kit with a niche for a license plate and a pair of fog lamps. Rounding out the composition are chrome-plated large-bore tailpipes.

A positive perception of the new generation city car is formed by a dynamic silhouette and muscular body reliefs, as well as the shape and decor of the external sheds.


In this model, the designers abandoned unified solutions, so the entire interior architecture was developed from scratch.

The front panel will delight future car owners:

• information content of the virtual instrument panel operating in different modes;

• wide format of the media-command display installed on the upper tier;

• additional functionality of the components of the cabin, comfort-forming options and security systems.

Already in the basic version, the city car will receive an advanced multimedia system, an autopilot DS Drive Assist with a traffic monitoring function, a color head-up display and a remote engine start function using a smartphone.

The tunnel offers convenient access to a panel with ports for connecting digital peripherals, to cup holders, standard organizers and the volume of a mini-refrigerator located under the armrest.

DS 3 Crossback 2021.

The front row has well-profiled chairs with lumbar-lateral support, elastic padding and a large number of working adjustments.

The five-seater layout of the cabin should be considered conditional, since for the average rider of the three-seater rear sofa, significant discomfort is created by the voluminous tip of the central tunnel.

The more than moderate volume of the 360-liter luggage compartment compensates for the possibility of a two-fold increase due to the simplified transformation of the rear seats.


In accordance with European standards, DS 3 Crossback 2021 with external dimensions of 4118 x 1791 and 1534 mm belongs to the category of subcompact cars.

The new version of the city car is based on the installation and operational advantages of a modular front-wheel drive bogie CMP, with a center base of 2558 mm, a transverse engine arrangement, a combined

MacPhersonian and spring-torsion chassis suspension.
Safe driving in difficult road conditions is provided by disc brakes, stabilizers and electronic assistants.

DS 3 Crossback 2021.

• The petrol engine range is represented by the 1.2-liter PureTech internal combustion engines, adjusted for power outputs of 110, 130 and 155 hp.

• The BlueHDI diesel turbocharged drive is available in 100 and 130 hp models.

The traction characteristics of all power units are realized by a 6-speed manual transmission or its 8-band automated analogue.

The test drive confirmed the compliance of the factory parameters with the control tests results.

Options and prices

In ruble terms, the price of basic and top-end modifications will be formed in the range from 2 to 3.3 million rubles.

Sales start in Russia

In the domestic market, the new DS 3 Crossback 2021 model year will be available in several trim levels. The estimated release date in Russia is the second quarter of 2021.


The rivals are MINI Countryman, Ford Fiesta, Audi Q2, Nissan Juke, Lexus UX and Honda Jazz.

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