DS 7 Crossback 2023.

DS 7 Crossback 2023.

DS 7 Crossback 2023.

DS 7 Crossback 2023 has been spotted for the first time on road tests: spy photos of the crossover have been published. Premiere of the model is coming soon.

A few days ago, Western media shared the first spy images of the DS 7 Crossback 2023.

According to the information provided, the crossover will be presented in the next few months in an updated version.

For the car, this upgrade is a slight facelift, so it will mainly focus on adjustments to the exterior and available options package.

In general, it is already partially clear from the published photos, where the camouflage camouflage is only partially present — on the front and rear bumpers.

So, the DS 7 Crossback has been «lighted up» for the first time on road tests. This could indicate that the modernization process of the crossover reached the final stage.

This may also be indicated by the fact that under the camouflage bumper is hidden only, while the rest of the body is completely open.

DS 7 Crossback 2023.

On the other hand, it is already clear that the main updates are concentrated here.

In particular, it can talk about changes in the shape of the bumpers, as well as headlights.

By the way, it is already known that the headlights for the cross will go with LED filling.

DS 7 Crossback 2023.

We should also expect modernization in the area of the radiator grille, but what plan they will be, it is not known yet.

At the rear will be updated optics. Exhaust system, the bumper itself and the tailgate could also be redesigned.

As mentioned above, the roof and other details remain completely open.

DS 7 Crossback 2023.

So, you can already see a completely flat profile and standard-type handles on the doors.

The roof is complemented with a rather large ankryl in the back. The interior of the model is not shown on these photos, but it is known that there will also be updates.

DS 7 Crossback 2023.

In particular, the crossover will receive new trim options and another infotainment system.

But technical characteristics of DS 7 Crossback will likely remain unchanged except for some upgrades in terms of performance.

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