DS 9 2020.

DS 9 2020 г.

DS 9 2020.

Introduced the large and luxurious sedan DS 9.
Until now, the only sedan in the global gamut of the French brand DS was the mid-size model DS 5LS, designed exclusively for the Chinese market.

But for the Geneva Motor Show, PSA has prepared the long-awaited full-size four-door DS 9, which will enter the markets of China and Europe. True, there is no talk of full-fledged competition with the sedans of the «Big German Three».

DS 9 2020 г

Features DS 9 2020

«Nine» has a wheelbase of 2895 mm, a length of 4930 mm, and a width of 1850 mm. However, it is based on the mass modular platform EMP2 with a transverse engine and front-wheel drive.

Moreover, the Chinese Peugeot 508L sedan is unmistakably recognized in the body silhouette and the shape of the side windows. That is, we have before us an analog of such machines as the Lexus ES or Volvo S90.

However, the outside of the DS 9 is not to be confused with cars of other brands. The design is made in the same style with the DS 7 Crossback crossover, LED headlights — with several operating modes (depending on speed and lighting).

And of the most striking features — vertical «fangs» of running lights, retractable door handles and additional side lights on the rear roof pillars. The last feature is spied on in the classic Citroen DS model, although the design has nothing in common.

DS 9 2020 г

Design DS 9 2020

Interior design almost completely switched from the DS 7 Crossback crossover. The “nine” have exactly the same virtual devices and a widescreen 12-inch display of the media system (it focuses on the control of almost all secondary functions, including climate control). The engine start button is located between the central ventilation deflectors, and a BRM chronometer is installed above it.

The interior is decorated with expensive varieties of leather, and a few trim levels are offered, which differ in design and are named after the famous areas of Paris: Bastille, Rivoli, Opera. Standing alone is the Performance Line version with Alcantara upholstery and sporty accents. The rear seats are heated, ventilated and have a built-in massager. And among the options there is a Focal Electra audio system with fourteen speakers.

DS 9 2020 г.


The base DS 9 sedan is equipped with a 1.6 (225 hp) PureTech turbo engine and an eight-speed automatic. But the main bet is on rechargeable hybrids with the same turbo-four and E-Tense prefix. The initial version has an electric motor with a return of 110 hp. and 320 Nm, which is integrated in an eight-speed gearbox. The peak power of the power plant is 225 hp, and a traction battery with a capacity of 11.9 kWh should be enough for 40-50 km in pure electric mode.

Later, the DS 9 E-Tense with a capacity of 250 hp will appear, and in addition, an all-wheel drive hybrid with an additional electric motor on the rear axle has been announced: the total return of all engines in such a sedan reaches 360 hp. By the way, all hybrid versions by default start in electric mode, which allows you to accelerate to 135 km / h. There is also an E-Save mode, in which the electronics maintains the charge level in the traction battery so that it is guaranteed to be enough to move around the green zone at the end of the route.

In the DS 7 Crossback SUV, the new sedan adopted an active spring suspension. The stiffness of the electronically controlled shock absorbers changes proactively based on data from the front camera, which scans the roadway in front of the machine. There is also a night vision system (an infrared camera is integrated in the radiator grill), a car park and adaptive cruise control with a lane keeping system (operates at speeds up to 180 km / h) and the possibility of auto-driving in traffic jams.

DS 9 2020 г

Start of sales

DS 9 will be released in China and from there will be delivered to all markets where the DS brand is present. The start of sales in China is scheduled for the second half of 2020, and in Europe the cars will appear a little later. The Russian market is still in doubt: our DS brand has frozen activity.

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