DS 9 2021.

DS 9 2021.

DS 9 2021.

DS 9 2021. DS 9 is the flagship sedan of the French company, which will be sold in Europe and China.

The car was presented in 2020 at the Geneva Motor Show and now displaces the DS 7 Crossback crossover into the pedestal of the older model.

In fact, this is the first sedan of the company. Yes, there is a 5LS model, but it is sold exclusively in China.

Technically, this is an extended version of the Peugeot 508, which, like the entire concern, is based on the EMP2 platform.


The design of the car is identical to the older crossover, especially when looking at the front end. There are identical LED headlights with long, vertical DRLs running down to the very bottom of the bumper.

Also in front is a huge grille and an interesting bumper. Also noteworthy is the chrome insert in the middle of the hood. An interesting decision that really gives the sedan status.

The profile also got some interesting solutions. First of all, the 19-inch wheels of an interesting design are striking.

DS 9 2021.

The upper stamping, which goes into the back, looks interesting. The entire window part is edged with chrome, and it also goes into the rear-view mirror rack. And of course, fashionable retractable handles were also added here.

At the back, a rather sporty shape was obtained due to thin LED lights with an interesting trunk lid. A lot of chrome was added here — between the headlights and a large insert under each lamp.

In the massive bumper, only large decorative inserts for the exhaust in the lower part can be noted.

Sedan dimensions:

length — 4930 mm;
width — 1850 mm;
height — 1468 mm;
wheelbase — 2895 mm.

DS 9 2021.

DS 9 2021. Interior

The French, namely the PSA concern, have always made interesting salons with a lot of «chips». The sedan was no exception, he was again given the interior of the older crossover.

We sit inside and see in front of us a 4-spoke multi-steering wheel with a virtual instrument panel.

In terms of quality, everything is good. High quality materials — leather, relatively soft plastic and chrome inserts.

The chairs are very comfortable, and if desired, their design can be changed by configurations, which were named after the districts of Paris:


There is a lot of space in the back, and from the amenities there is a folding armrest with wooden inserts, compartments and other amenities. The chairs are equipped with heating, ventilation and even massage.

The center console with a tunnel looks most interesting. The main element is the 12-inch multimedia display, through which the climate control is also controlled.

Below it is a line of touch buttons for quick functions. Above the display, between the deflectors, there is an engine start button and a BRM chronometer.

DS 9 2021.

The tunnel strongly resembles sports cars. This comparison suggests itself because of the gearbox selector and the mass of buttons on the sides of the selector.

All compartments and cupholders are hidden from view. From electronics there is also a Focal Electra audio system with 14 speakers.

Security systems implemented:

second level autopilot;
adaptive cruise control;
an automatic traffic jam system;
lane keeping system;
night vision system in the DS Safety complex;
control of blind spots;
recognition of road signs.


The French sedan is offered in two versions:

Basic front wheel drive with E-Tense hybrid engine powered by an 11.9 kWh battery. In the role of the classic internal combustion engine comes the 1.6-liter PureTech turbocharged.

In total, the installation produces 225 horsepower and 320 H * m of torque.

The all-wheel drive version of the E-Tense 4×4 360. This model is equipped with the same petrol engine, and in addition there are two electric motors on each axle.

Hence, four-wheel drive is obtained, and the total power is 360 horsepower and 520 H * m of torque.

A pair of all versions is the 8-speed automatic Aisin. The suspension is again taken from the DS 7 Crossback with optional adaptive dampers.

DS 9 2021.

The shock absorbers change their settings based on the data transmitted by the front camera.

The start of the sedan always takes place on electric traction, due to which, if desired, you can develop a maximum of 135 km / h.

The E-Save system has been added, which, based on the data of the navigator, adjusts the battery so that the end of the route is due to electric traction.


Usually brand new luxury brands are trying to capture shoppers at a low price. Genesis, which is cheaper than the Germans, is perfect as an example.

In this case, everything is different, the basic equipment of the Frenchman costs 47,700 euros (4.3 million), and the maximum version will cost 68,400 euros (6.2 million rubles).

DS 9 will have to compete with BMW 5-Series, Jaguar XF and other models. The fifth series in the basic version costs from the same, and it has a brand and trust.

In such a pricing policy, the concern will have to compete hard with eminent German brands.

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